Use the REAN model to maximize your marketing

Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture both current and potential users by developing a solid marketing strategywith the REAN model. With dynamic design tools and integrated widgets, FigJam’s REAN model template helps you make marketing magic.

four rectangles with the letters R-E-A-N on themfour rectangles with the letters R-E-A-N on them

REAN model template

Review past practices, strategize solutions, and set goals with informed input from your entire team.

Shift perspectives, see clearer, make moves

Don’t let your marketing efforts stagnate. The REAN marketing model allows you to view your strategies—past and future—through a new lens to attract further prospects.

Measure up: Evaluate the efficacy of your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what’s not worth it.

Define your terms: Determine your KPIs and actively work towards them.

Understand your users: Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see your organization through their eyes.

purple and blue rectangles with a hovering mouse cursor and sticky notespurple and blue rectangles with a hovering mouse cursor and sticky notes
four pill shapes with the words reach, engage, activate, and nurturefour pill shapes with the words reach, engage, activate, and nurture

Collaboration meets innovation

Build your REAN marketing model in FigJam’s shared digital workspace with input and insights from every valued team member. Easily collaborate, gather feedback using Badge and emotes, and determine your top priorities for a solid plan of action moving forward.

Reach new heights when you Engage with FigJam

Every marketing campaign starts with a strategic plan. With that in place, explore more FigJam templates from the Community to manage, plan, and execute with ease.


REAN stands for Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture. The REAN marketing model is an analytical framework used to categorize and improve upon campaign strategies.

You can use the REAN framework for numerous marketing tasks: analyze past projects to break down what worked and what didn’t, assess current efforts to decide what’s worth expanding on, and prioritize future endeavors from an informed point of view.

FigJam’s REAN model example template takes care of the formatting for you. All you have to do is gather your team and manage your marketing efforts with precision and style.

RACE stands for Reach, Act, Convert, Engage. Though there are small differences in language between the two models, they have very similar functions in that they help you establish strategies that will nudge users down the funnel towards achieving customer loyalty.

The 4 factors of the REAN model are Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture:

Reach refers to your ability to make contact with potential customers and raise brand awareness of your services and products.

Engage measures how an intended audience interacts with a service, product, or brand.

Activate focuses on how a brand can successfully spur a user into action.

Nurture covers strategies to maintain positive relationships with existing customers.

Together, these 4 factors form a flexible framework to guide critical thinking and strategic marketing plans. By utilizing the REAN model, you can effectively analyze, restructure, and improve your marketing strategy using concrete metrics and insights.

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