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several large rectangles and a square that says "ROI"several large rectangles and a square that says "ROI"

ROI analysis template 

Explore the wide sea of different investment opportunities with our free interactive templates.

Reel in the results

Equip yourself with illuminating ROI data and watch the market bite.

Play it by the numbers: Measure the health of your business easily with one simple objective standard.

Create a track record: Share your ROI with clients to showcase your company’s leadership, qualifications, and expertise.

Establish a point of comparison: Use current ROI data to inform future analyses of similar assets and companies.

an ROI diagram with a Investment section and a Return sectionan ROI diagram with a Investment section and a Return section
a return and investment XY axisa return and investment XY axis

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Wade into the world of innovative investment with FigJam. Share top investment suggestions with our Badge and Table widgets, support team members’ ideas with Lil’ Notes and Emoji, and encourage lively discussion in our shared workspaces. When you invest in collaboration, the returns are mighty.


To calculate ROI, start by listing your current investments on our return on investment template. For each investment, make note of the value it’s providing as well as the expenses and resources you have spent on the project. You can also use a free ROI calculator to determine a more specific numerical value.

For at-a-glance understanding that’s easy to share across your team, plot each investment in a matrix according to which assets have the highest and lowest ROI figure.

Determining a “good ROI” for your next project is more of an art than a science, hinging on the type of investment at play and the investor’s personal risk tolerance. While some suggest that rates of 10% can be considered “good ROI” generally speaking, your ideal ROI will likely depend on your unique financial circumstances and the realities of the marketplace.

The first step to determining your own definition of “good ROI” is to develop an understanding of existing returns for similar projects. For example, you can research the ROI of competitors who have made similar investments, compare your project to an industry average, or review the ROI of your company’s past investments. Then, consider the financial need. How much money do you or your company need to make for this strategy to be successful? Add these benchmarks to your ROI calculator template as a scale for evaluating your upcoming project.

ROI, or return on investment, is a powerful metric that reveals whether your current investments are turning enough profit for your business to continue growing. A return on investment Excel template measures success over time, allowing you to keep track of both immediate and longer-term results.

When you have a thorough record of your investments on hand, you can quickly evaluate what’s working, what’s not working, and whether you are making the most effective choices. But while ROI analysis can paint a clear picture of your current investments, it can also serve as a store of data you can consult for future decisions.

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