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Skills matrix template 

Discover current competencies and recruit talent with supernatural ease through our free interactive templates.

Save the day… and the company resources

Assess your team members and potential hires based on a set competency framework and edit as they grow.

Hire effectively: Identify missing competencies on your team for more targeted recruiting practices.

Know your team: Understand each individual's existing skillsets so you can play to their strengths when delegating tasks.

Promote strategically: Track employee development over time to evaluate who has exceeded expectations and is ready for greater responsibility in your org.

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All your all-stars, all together

Creating the ultimate team is no small task. Good thing you can take on the challenge together in our shared collaborative workspaces. Empower everyone to show off their available skills with Excalidraw Pad and share constructive feedback with Lil’ Notes and Anonymous Thoughts. With FigJam, it’s easy to find your team of superstars.

Make detailed planning your superpower

Kick off the hiring process with our competency matrix. Create continuous improvement and development with your talent and encourage employee growth with templates from our Community.


A skills matrix, also known as a competency matrix, is a simple framework that tracks current team members or prospective hires based on set skill matrices or competencies.

This qualitative matrix displays the strengths and qualifications that a group or individual possesses while also revealing which, if any, desired employee skills are missing. HR professionals commonly use an employee skills matrix chart during the recruiting and hiring process to fill gaps in their org charts.

To create a competency matrix, start with our free competency matrix template. Then, list out the skills that you’re looking to assess. These might include:

- Customer service experience

- Technical writing

- Foreign language skills

For each skill, assign your subjects (employees, possible hires, teams), a rating—7/10, a check mark, three stars, up to you. Continue through your employee skill matrix chart until you have evaluated each person in the group.

All skill matrix examples will prompt you to create a list of desired competencies, but how do you decide which ones to include? Begin by exploring the 3 types of competencies:

1. Behavioral competencies – These refer to soft skills such as communication and collaboration. This category can also include leadership competencies that evaluate a team member's leadership potential. Because different organizations have varying cultures, behavioral competencies change from group to group.

2. Cross-functional competencies – These are skills shared by multiple departments, for example, planning a budget or hosting a conference. Cross-functional competencies can also refer to interdisciplinary skills that help employees collaborate with other departments.

3. Functional competencies – These skills are directly related to an employee’s daily tasks. Technical competencies such as coding skills, legal writing, and spreadsheet analysis fall into this category.

Add skills from the categories above to your future skills matrix examples to create the most comprehensive evaluation framework.

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