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four rectangles with white letters spelling the word S-O-A-R four rectangles with white letters spelling the word S-O-A-R

SOAR analysis template  

Explore Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results in one uplifting visual that clears the runway for project daydreams.

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Ditch small improvements for innovation and watch your fledgling projects fly high.

Bird’s eye view: Feel proud of your team’s work and boost morale with an overview that shines a light on achievements.

Leave the nest: Get acquainted with new initiatives and stay imaginative in the workplace.

Early bird gets the worm: Preemptively identify an action planyour team can take to advance your vision.

strengths section of SOAR analysis templatestrengths section of SOAR analysis template
graphic explaining that SOAR means strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and resultsgraphic explaining that SOAR means strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results

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A SOAR model, or SOAR analysis, explores four areas of project development in a compact 2x2 grid. Each square represents a different element of workplace innovation—your current strengths, upcoming team opportunities, your company’s aspirations, and the positive results from coalescing all four.

Crafting a SOAR analysis example can help your team celebrate and reframe existing assets, as you focus on big picture goals or prepare for new horizons.

Although SWOT and SOAR analysis examples use the same format, their intention is unique.

A SWOT analysis considers negative factorsand addresses every weaknessand threats that could topple your strengths and opportunities.

So, comparatively, what is SOAR analysis, and what question does a SOAR analysis answer? A SOAR analysis focuses on how current positives can benefit your goal. You’ll find the question of how existing attributes can positively influence your next business strategy, answered.

You’ll want to start your SOAR model analysis by tapping into FigJam’s free template.

From there, simply plug information into the four boxes with your team members. Approach the “strengths” quadrant as the place where you’ll give pep talks (via sticky notes) and commend each other’s contributions. Next, you’ll want to visualize potential opportunities, from an office upgrade to a new partnership. Stay focused on your company’s visionand daydream about future aspirations in the “aspirations” box. Finally, write out the anticipated results of your hard work.

Congrats—you’ve just made a happy little map to success.

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