Twitter size guide

Brevity is the soul of Twitter. Since you’re restricted to 280 characters, a media is a great way to help you convey your message. Image and video posts give you a whole new way to communicate with your followers and can help you stand out in a vast sea of Tweets.

Profile Photo

The standard Twitter profile picture size of 400 by 400 pixels falls at about the midway point between Facebook and YouTube profile icon sizes. While you can opt for a Twitter profile picture size of 200 by 200 pixels, the general consensus is that 400 by 400 pixels is the best practice. Twitter’s former default profile photo was, quite famously, an egg. It was so charming, that a lot of users opted to keep it and Twitter ultimately did away with it in part to encourage users to express themselves more fully. For businesses, a logo is an excellent option for a Twitter profile picture.

Twitter Header

Twitter headers (also known as Twitter banners and cover photos) are a tricky business. Even if you follow the recommended Twitter header dimensions of 1500 by 500 pixels, the platform may chop off part of the header. So being mindful of the Twitter header size isn’t enough. You need to compensate for the invisible area by keeping the important parts in the center. One way to do this is by finding a solid Twitter header template. Twitter banner size is a complicated thing to perfect, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle to make your Twitter headers fit into the standard Twitter banner dimensions. Knowing what the Twitter header photo size is supposed to be is only part of the story. Figuring out how to make the Twitter cover photo size work for you can definitely be a challenge, but it’s worth it to take the time and figure out how to perfect it.

Twitter Image Size

Communicating a message in just 280 characters can be a challenge. So Twitter users can deploy images to illustrate or augment their messaging. A photograph is a great way to grab people’s attention as they scroll through their feed, but images can also be used to cheat the character limit. If you’re promoting an event, for instance, you can post a graphic that contains all the pertinent details - date, time, location, etc. - without cutting into your character limit. If you have information to convey to your subscribers, you can really maximize your Twitter impact by attaching an infographic. In just 1024 by 512 pixels, a Twitter image post can deliver a lot of bang for the metaphorical buck.