Keep track of the whole crew with a staffing plan template

Stay on top of everything from necessary resources to staffing numbers for a comprehensive employee plan that can.

2 colorful images of 7x3 schedules over a purple background2 colorful images of 7x3 schedules over a purple background

Staff planning template

Visualize project schedules, identify needs, and consider your colleagues’ capacities with this all-in-one collaborative chart.

This chart knows what’s up even if you don’t

Managing your team doesn’t have to be a juggling act. Introduce a core staffing plan to the ring and watch this circus turn back into an office.

Tame the beast: Wrangle team work hours across projects onto one chart.

Pass the peanuts: Visualize your team’s capacity and allocate work with confidence.

Keep the show going: Stay on track with project deadlines by overseeing PTO hours and resources with a core staffing template.

colorful image of a 6x6 schedule with user symbols on the side of itcolorful image of a 6x6 schedule with user symbols on the side of it
blue rectangular shaped schedule with a clock above itblue rectangular shaped schedule with a clock above it

Everyone’s welcome under this big top

Shine the spotlight on your brightest stars by welcoming them onto a shared, open canvas. Collaboration takes center stage on our project staffing plan templates, complete with Community-built widgets like Calendar and Lil Notes. No matter what you’re making, make it a group act.


To create a staffing plan, begin by considering the goals of your department, your resources, and influences, including talent availability and market strength. While every staffing planning process is different, most staff plans will prompt you to:

- Identify your business objectives

- Gather job descriptions of current team members

- Anticipate changes to your current staffing (including promotions, paid leave, retirement)

- Determine which roles you need to fill

- Update staff plans regularly to reflect internal and external changes

With plenty of data and all hands on deck, you should be able to start assembling a plan that reflects the realities of your situation and meets the needs of your org and team.

You can start your staffing plan off right by downloading your free customizable FigJam template. Allow our strategic staffing plan template to streamline every aspect of team management—from organizing resources to staying on track.

Your staff plan covers many of all of the human-resources-related needs of your organization, whether that’s identifying the roles and responsibilities of current staff members or outlining a future vision of team growth.

Staffing plans can also include project deadlines, upcoming changes in availability, and company-wide goals—information that helps team managers assess how many resources and personnel will be needed to achieve desired results.

Every staffing plan example begins with the team coming together to establish goals. Sample staffing plan goals might be anything from a product launch to a company expansion. No matter what your objectives may be, they will necessarily guide your staffing plans, so take care to establish them at the top and be sure to share them with your entire team.

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