Start Stop Continue examples for the road ahead

Whether you’re team planning for the next quarter or conducting individual performance reviews, a Start Stop Continue exercise tells you where to hit the brakes, cruise, and pick up speed to make the most out of every mile.

start stop continue diagramstart stop continue diagram

Start Stop Continue template

Gather on this collaborative retrospective template to determine what serves you—and what’s slowing you down.

Never lose sight of your milestones

Reflect on past detours and sprints to determine what to stop, what to start, and what to continue—together.

Refine your roadmap: Discuss which experiences and projects pushed you closer to your goals to determine a better course of action.

Gas each other up: Encourage each team member to consider their PRs and roadblocks to decide they’d like to change.

Start improving: Lean on Start Stop Continue examples for continuous improvement and direction as you grow.

stop and continue diagram with sticky notes overlayedstop and continue diagram with sticky notes overlayed
start stop continue diagram with FigJam's collaboration toolsstart stop continue diagram with FigJam's collaboration tools

Retrospective exercise meets HOV lane

FigJam’s intuitive Start Stop Continue templates make remote retrospectives a breeze. With a suite of collaborative widgets and tools, including polls, emotes, and sticky notes, you can take the temperature of the room to determine the best path forward—even when you’re miles and miles away.

Rev up the workday

Boost morale with more engaging meetings. Explore collaborative templates from the Community and continue the fun.


The Start Stop Continue exercise inspires the entire team to reflect on past experiences and visualize what’s around the bend. By sorting activities, projects, and processes under the categories “Stop,” “Start,” and “Continue,” teams and individuals can arrive at a consensus as to what they should leave in the dust (stop), what they should power up (start), what they should keep on pushing (continue).

Because Start Stop Continue exercises involve a deep look at the past and thorough discussion of the future, they can be beneficial for organizing retrospective meetings.

Stop Start Continue exercises have a three-part format. Generally speaking, Start Stop and Continue templates are divided into three equal sections—one for “Start,” one for “Stop,” and one for “Continue.” Teams or individuals can place projects, data, relationships, products, and initiatives within the sections that correspond to their value or utility—in other words, whether they’re driving you toward success and positive feedback or getting in the way.

Leading a Start Stop Continue meeting is simple. It boils down to prompting your team to reflect on their work, keeping the group on task, and recording the presented information.

If you’re wondering what to put in a Stop Start Continue, you’re in luck. FigJam’s shared template organizes your entire team’s reflections and constructive feedback and empowers team members to develop plans together from any location with interactive, customizable widgets.

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