Hit home runs with our strategy diamond example

Build a champion-worthy business strategy that covers all the bases with this customizable template.

diamond divided into five sections in different colorsdiamond divided into five sections in different colors

Strategy diamond template

Kick up dust and make a mark on your project’s field with a 5-part analysis that trains teams to outperform the competition.

Take a swing at strategic business planning

You don’t need to be a well-seasoned athlete to score on the playing field. Keep your eye on the ball with our strategy diamond model.

Batter up: Stay focused and ensure the team hits all your business needs.

Team huddle: Chew on the key questions that will factor into the strategic planning process of your business strategy.

Round the bases: Clarify goals and discern paths toward success.

strategy diamond diagram with sticky note overlaysstrategy diamond diagram with sticky note overlays
four diamonds pointing to one diamond in the centerfour diamonds pointing to one diamond in the center

There’s plenty of room in the dugout

Whether you worship the Yankees or yearn for a Cubs comeback, the merit of a strong team is not up for debate. Get your whole project team together to practice pitches, volley enthusiasm, and spit out snappy ideas with FigJam’s free tools and widgets.


Shaped like, yep, a diamond, a strategy diamond uses all four sides and an open center to diagram the five key elements of business planning.

Strategy diamonds are invaluable for visualizing complex moving parts and preparing for a project’s launch. FigJam’s free strategy diamond template makes this process a walk in the (ball)park, with collaborative widgets and customizable features.

Whether you’re in the bottom of the 7th inning or just getting started on your strategy diamond framework, your business model should take these important considerations into account:

1. Be sure the whole team understands project priorities and goals.

2. Design a plan that illustrates and schedules all forward motion.

3. Take time to celebrate milestones.

4. Address any setbacks that arise.

5. Constantly evaluate your progress to ensure you’re on track.

With thoughtfulness and flexibility, your business strategy can get you far.

Your strategy diamond analysis should cover five key categories. Each task explored will fall under one of these umbrella terms:

1. Arenas (i.e., where your product will be used and sold).

2. Differentiators (i.e., elements that set your product apart, like innovative technology).

3. Vehicles (i.e., how to get your project out there via partnerships and internal development).

4. Staging (i.e., order of steps, from optimization to expansion).

5. Economic Logic (i.e., the financials of your project and selling plan).

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