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Captivate your audience with our target audience template

Whether you’re getting reacquainted with your users or learning about a new customer segment, FigJam templates help you define your target audience and discover new connection points.

four circles with a human icon, map pin icon, brain icon, and gear iconfour circles with a human icon, map pin icon, brain icon, and gear icon

Target audience template

Introduce your team to the entire cast of characters with a target audience analysis that highlights demographics, interests, and desires.

Set the stage for a loyal customer base

Shine the spotlight on your users and create products and services tailored to their needs.

Learn the facts: Gather information about a promising customer segment so you can speak to their stories.

Improve your offerings: Understand what drives your customers to innovate existing products or services.

Stand out from the crowd: Distinguish yourself from the competition with messaging that aligns with your audience’s values.

arrow pointing to a bullseye with four icon surrounding itarrow pointing to a bullseye with four icon surrounding it
four rectangles with the words demographic, geographic, psychological, and behavioralfour rectangles with the words demographic, geographic, psychological, and behavioral

Don’t keep your team waiting in the wings

Stage a meet-and-greet between your team members and your target consumers on FigJam’s shared workspaces. Build understanding with Alignment Scale, Vote, Lil Notes. With collaborative widgets, you can bring your target audience to life—together.

Star-making templates

Learn everything about your potential customers with our target audience profile example. Then, bring your business into the limelight with templates from our Community.


To reach your target audience, you’ll need to figure out who they are. That’s where a target audience analysis comes in. With the help of this exercise, you can take the first steps to understanding your existing consumers and prospective leads.

A target audience analysis example outlines the geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of your target audience, which can all influence how a potential customer perceives your product or service.

So why is target audience important? When you establish a comprehensive target audience profile—or several—you can pinpoint which groups are more likely to engage with your product or service. This means that you can tailor marketing campaigns to reflect your audience’s specific needs and segment your messaging to successfully connect with a gamut of user personas.

You can use target analysis templates to identify your own target audience, but you can also tap into this framework to learn more about your competitor’s ideal users.

To flesh out your market understanding, look into your competitors’ previous marketing campaigns, products, social media, messaging, sales data, and more. Record all your insights on a target audience analysis worksheet. Do the same for your target audience and see how the two analyses stack up. Is there a good deal of overlap? Or does your product connect with a vastly different demographic?

Whether you’re studying your own target audience or gathering intel on a competitor’s, download our target audience profile template for in-depth insights.

To begin, gather your audience group data and your trusted collaborators around your target audience analysis template. Then, start diving into the details of your marketing strategy that swirl around your audience. An example of a target audience profile might contain questions like:

- What locations are prominent in your user base?

- What are the values of your most loyal consumers?

- Why do they buy your product or service?

Once you have an example of target audience profile (or many) be sure to include them in your business proposal. With a comprehensive and highly polished target audience template, you can make headway with consumers—and investors.

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