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Reach your destination with our technology roadmap template

With a roadmap that clarifies priorities and anticipates solutions, you can help your whole team stay en route—and in-the-know—while you integrate new technology into your systems.

simple gantt chart with four rowssimple gantt chart with four rows

Technology roadmap template

Understand available technology and plan for upgrades with a shared document that maps out every business strategy and business plan.

No GPS? No problem

Turn your team into a fearless caravan, able to anticipate roadblocks and create a solid strategic plan as you traverse new technological terrain. 

Enjoy the diamond lane: Speed past old systems and break free from bottlenecks when you clarify your current technology strategy.

Carpool: Don’t leave your development team lost at the wheel—collaborate to create your map. 

Find shortcuts: Make strategic choices that organize and prioritize important pit stops along the way.

section of a gantt chart with task status indicatorssection of a gantt chart with task status indicators
task module from a gantt chart with task status bubbles and a blue sticky notetask module from a gantt chart with task status bubbles and a blue sticky note

Maps need makers

Whether you’re scheduling improvements to existing software or phasing out a previous build, you’ll need a map. With FigJam, your coworkers are your trusty cartographers as you explore tech frontiers together. Avoid group burnout and opt for FigJam’s interactive, Community-built widgets like Badge, CTR, and Priority Matrix—each designed to keep your team cruising as a unit.

The journey is the destination

With a business goal in mind, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the ride. Find unexpected horizons—have some fun while you’re at it—when you augment your technical roadmap template with tools from the Community.


A technology strategy roadmap is a diagram visualizing a project-specific timeline for working with various tech. A strong technical roadmap example will cover current software, potential bugs or failings, and plans for future software implementation—all under the umbrella of your objective. With a technology roadmap, team members can dedicate time to solutions before problems happen, and prepare to take on system updates with confidence.

Get the whole team together to help develop a technical roadmap example. As you map your course, you’ll consider everything from transitions to milestones. You’re creating a technology roadmap sample that simplifies complex trajectories, so you’ll want everybody’s input to ensure no team member is left behind.

To create a technology roadmap, start by downloading FigJam’s free technology development roadmap template. (You’ll save plenty of mileage by utilizing simple plug-in formatting.)

Technology roadmap examples always begin with columns separating information into fiscal quarters. Rows showcase milestones, software requirements, operations and infrastructure, testing, compliance and security measures, and the integration of new systems. Fill out your rows to represent your project, then add in the names of team members responsible for different stages. Finally, you’ll have the chance to add notes that break down the tasks behind each internal goal.

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