Point out your priorities with an X matrix template

Examine your organization’s long term objectives, priorities, and key indicators for success with the hoshin kanri X matrix. FigJam’s hoshin planning template makes it easier than ever to chart a path towards progress.

White square an X in the middle and colorful rectangles connected on the sidesWhite square an X in the middle and colorful rectangles connected on the sides

X matrix template

Mark priorities and tackle complex tasks with your entire team on this collaborative template.

Xamine your priorities

Establish long-term goals, pick out priorities, and determine an action plan for your project before they get away from you.

Focus the team: Eliminate the clutter and zero in on concrete, org-wide goals.

Show the work: Break up big goals into achievable tasks.

Align the vision: Ensure everyone on your team can see where you’re headed (and understand their responsibilities on the way there).

square four colorful triangles in the middle and a circle of arrows overlayed on topsquare four colorful triangles in the middle and a circle of arrows overlayed on top
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Go 10X together

The team that plans together succeeds together. When you collaborate on a FigJam template, you put your collective brainpower to great use. Community-built widgets and intuitive tools like Priority Matrix and Table streamline processes and put you in touch like never before. See how much further you can go with FigJam.

Get off the bench and into the game

The hoshin X matrix helps you plot out your next play. Take your team off the sidelines and into the action with FigJam Community templates.


An X matrix is a strategic planning tool that helps teams identify their long-term goals, annual goals, top priorities, and KPIs (key performance indicators) by organizing them on a 2x2 matrix according to urgency and importance.

By laying out each of these categories in a visual format, teams can gain a deeper understanding of how they connect, and what problems they might face in trying to achieve their goals.

First, gather your team. Once you’re together, you can brainstorm each section of the hoshin planning matrix, starting with long-term (multi-year) goals. You’ll progress to annual goals, priorities, and key performance indicators.

As you flow through each topic, allow the prior categories to influence your thinking. This system empowers your team to break down large and unwieldy goals into measurable progress.

Create your X matrix on an online collaboration tool to streamline the process. FigJam’s X matrix example template will take care of the formatting for you, so you can focus on high-quality, well-thought-out content.

The hoshin kanri system is a strategic planning process that enables organizations to align their operations with their long-term vision. The 7 steps of hoshin kanri are:

1. Agree on collective, overarching visions and values.

2. Specify “breakthrough objectives,” or multi-year improvement initiatives.

3. Determine annual goals in line with your breakthrough objectives.

4. Assign responsibilities and deploy annual objectives.

5. Thoroughly implement annual objectives on a daily basis.

6. Review annual objectives on a monthly basis using KPIs.

7. Review annual objectives at the end of the year, and set your focus on the year ahead.

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