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Figma participates in TISAX assessment for the European automotive industry

At Figma, we love helping our customers build standout products—no matter their industry. TISAX gives product designers peace of mind, knowing their design work is securely managed and strictly compliant.

From tech to travel, and finance to fashion, Figma is helping design, engineering, and product teams ideate, build prototypes, and easily translate design work into code. But our mission goes beyond creativity on the canvas. We’re equally committed to the behind-the-scenes magic that enables organizations across different industries and regions to succeed and stay secure.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our participation in the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX), governed by the ENX Association on behalf of the German VDA. TISAX is acknowledged as the benchmark for data security and protection in Europe’s automotive industry, especially in Germany.

With our participation in TISAX, automotive product designers can be confident that their design work is being managed securely and in strict compliance with industry standards.

Our participation details in the TISAX assessment can be found on the ENX portal using the following information:

  • Company Name: Figma, Inc.
  • Scope ID: S3XH77
  • Assessment ID: AV01AK-2

Our TISAX participation complements our other recent efforts to better serve our customers in Europe, such as our EU Cloud Code of Conduct certification, and our option for clients to host their Figma and FigJam files within the European Union.

Learn more about TISAX, and our approach to security and compliance at Figma. TISAX is a registered trademark governed by ENX Association. TISAX and TISAX results are not intended for the general public.

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