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three blue circles with a could icon, arrow icon, and paper iconthree blue circles with a could icon, arrow icon, and paper icon

Azure architecture diagram template

Involve every stakeholder and software engineer with a collaborative Azure cloud architecture diagram.

Create a true-blue masterpiece

Build a visual representation of your Microsoft Cloud infrastructure to analyze current architecture, make improvements, and show off your stuff.

Go from abstract to concrete: Utilize visuals to develop and finetune complex apps.

Mess around with machine learning: Master the art of deploying custom machine learning models with the help of an Azure diagram.

Prepare to present: Craft a presentation-ready blueprint that can explain your use of cloud technology to anyone.

blue circle with arrow pointing up to a blue rectangle with three pieces of paper and a cloudblue circle with arrow pointing up to a blue rectangle with three pieces of paper and a cloud
azure architecture diagram exampleazure architecture diagram example

Azure architecture for all

With an Azure diagram template from FigJam, your entire team can play their part. Move icons and UML symbols around in an ever-expanding shared whiteboard, chat about changes within the document, and harness the power of widgets like Org Chart and To-Do for maximum efficiency.

Design dazzling diagrams

Simplify your approach to cloud computing with an Azure diagram tool. From there, leverage countless other Community-built templates from FigJam to up your app game.


An Azure architecture diagram is a user-friendly map made of icons and connectors. It harnesses graphics to explain your organization’s use of Microsoft Azure, an industry-standard cloud computing platform. From analytics to DevOps, Azure has an endless number of use cases, and a diagram tool helps you make heads or tails of how you use it—right now and your next steps.

If you’re looking to create Azure architecture diagram examples without fiddling with endless symbols and arrows, start with a template from FigJam. With official Microsoft Cloud icons and intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, your team can create and edit an Azure map with ease.

As mentioned, Azure offers all sorts of services. These services are generally grouped into categories called “components.” There are numerous components built into Azure, including:

1. Analytics

2. AI + Machine Learning

3. Databases

4. Compute

5. Security

6. Storage

7. Monitoring

8. DevOps

9. Networking

10. Mobile

Each of these components contains various tools and products for near-infinite uses. An Azure architecture diagram can work for any of these topics. For example, you might design an Azure DevOps architecture diagram to visualize and streamline your app development strategies.

Azure relies on a network of global data centers to provide cloud services, and when designing your Azure architecture diagram, it’s vital to understand these architectural components. While there’s much to explain, the core components to grasp include:

Regions – A “region” is a set of data centers that exists within a geographical area, such as North Europe or South Central US. When you access Azure, you access these data centers. Azure also uses regional pairs (two data centers within the same geography) to minimize downtime.

Availability zones – The term “availability zone” defines a physically separate location inside each “region” that can withstand localized failures. In other words, if a flood or fire threatens the region in which your data lives, there’s a redundancy in place to keep you online.

Resource groups – A “resource group” is a virtual container that holds all resources related to a specific Azure solution. By grouping resources together, you can easily manage and update them as a unit.

By understanding these core architectural components, you can create seamless diagrams of your organization’s Azure usage.

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