Stay flexible with our bang for the buck template

Remain light on your feet from kickoff to launch with a free cost analysis template, perfect for your agile team.

5x5 colorful colored square chart over a purple background5x5 colorful colored square chart over a purple background

Bang for the buck template

Before you wade through the backlog, assess the benefits and costs of each task on this free interactive template.

Buck the rules— land on a better solution

Switch your approach efficiently and effectively with new ideas, ready to be shared across teams.

Sync next steps: Forge understanding between your dev and product teams on the most important tasks at hand.

Prioritize effectively: Visualize your to-do list graphically so you can easily grasp which tasks are most important in the short- and long-term.

Back it up with numbers: Evaluate the impact of each task numerically for an objective understanding of the value you’re creating.

5x5 gradient colored square chart over a purple background5x5 gradient colored square chart over a purple background
closeup shot of a colorful square chart with sticky notes and icons overalyed on topcloseup shot of a colorful square chart with sticky notes and icons overalyed on top

Spot value…and your team members

Your next project might be a workout but your team has each other’s backs. Manage projects with our Asana widget, connect the dots with our Line Chart feature, and label each task with a Badge. With a collaborative template, you can identify opportunities to create value together—and get all the bang for your buck, for free.


The agile bang for the buck framework is a prioritization technique often used by agile business teams to weigh the costs and benefits of various tasks. Bang for the buck templates depict the relationship between costs and benefits graphically to clearly illustrate the trade-offs of different products, tasks, and projects.

Because the bang for buck lean agile framework provides insights at a glance, it empowers product dev teams and project managers to sort through the backlog of tasks easily and efficiently. Rather than moving through an agenda from top to bottom, agile teams can tackle the action items that will deliver the greatest value.

The bang for buck template is often used by product development teams and managers who follow the scrum framework, an agile approach to developing and delivering products in short cycles with fast, oftentimes complex feedback.

While frequently found in software development, the bang for the buck-scrum combination can help any team adapt to change—whether they’re in product, research, or sales.

The bang for the buck technique works by identifying tasks, assigning them value based on their associated costs and benefits, and organizing them according to their value and priority.

To make your own bang for the buck graphic, begin with our bang for buck template. Gather your team online or in-person and compile the tasks that comprise your upcoming project. Then, brainstorm the various cost and benefits of each task. Plot each task on the y-axis “value” and the x-axis “cost,” according to how they stack up. Once you’ve plotted all the tasks, prioritize the ones that produce the highest value at the lowest cost. Then, share across your agile team—and jump into the action.

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