Eliminate competing ideas (or teams) with our bracket builder

Whether you’re narrowing in on an important decision or recording the ups and downs of the local basketball tournament, you can build team spirit and build a bracket with ease.

bracket diagram examplebracket diagram example

Bracket builder

Collectively eliminate ideas or track team eliminations with a free bracket template and your MVPs.

All your best ideas in play

Keep your decision-making skills in tip-top shape when you see all your options at once and receive creative input from the entire group.

Shoot from the key: Lay out all your options on the page so you can identify and run with your best ideas.

Fire up the competitive spirit: Host team competitions and track results at a glance with an easy-to-read graphic.

Go for gold: Eliminate possible strategies one step at a time until you’re left with the most effective choice.

middle section of bracket diagrammiddle section of bracket diagram
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Don’t be a ball hog—pass the rock

Building a bracket is a community effort. Design together in a shared workspace, leave Lil’ Notes and Vote on favorites, and celebrate the wins with imaginative emojis. Create all-out fun together when you share the responsibility and the reward.

Work hard, play hard

Bring the team together for productivity or for fun with our bracket builder. Then, drive toward the best strategies with FigJam templates on your side.


Begin by opening our bracket template, featuring boxes down the outermost edges of the page with all of the participants, ideas, or teams. You can order your participants randomly or according to scores or a system—for a sports tournament, that might be their regular season ranking to ensure fair matches.

Each box should be paired with another box in the same column, signifying a match-up. After each round of competition or careful comparison, the winning item from each pair will advance to the next round. You’ll place that title in the next column, paired with another item. Each column will have half as many boxes as the last as you narrow down your list until you finally arrive at a sole winner.

Bracket templates are a versatile tool with various uses. The most common is to use a free bracket template to host a tournament, bringing people together through healthy competition and team bonding.

You can also create brackets to track and predict tournaments organized by others, such as March Madness. Build a bracket with friends, write down your predictions, and share your results with each other as the tournament unfolds.

Beyond just fun and games, you can make a free bracket with FigJam to weigh various choices against one another. Brackets depict a process of single elimination, simplifying your decision-making and helping you arrive at the strongest option. Example scenarios include:

- Deciding on investment options for the next quarter

- Choosing a marketing strategy to implement for your new product

- Selecting between various office amenities or company merch to treat your team

Not at all. Brackets help record scores in a variety of tournament settings. For example, you can use multiple brackets to keep track of a double-elimination tournament, where participants move from the primary bracket to the secondary one after their first loss and are eliminated after losing a second time.

Consider using multiple brackets to stay organized as the competition grows.

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