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Create eye-catching visuals for any meeting, meet-up, or presentation with FigJam’s collection of diagrams and graphic organizers.

bulletin board with three colored sticky notesbulletin board with three colored sticky notes

Bulletin board template

Lay out your vision on your own, or fill out this bulletin template with your colleagues and co-creatives.

A bulletin board fit for a boardroom

Like an upgraded version of the vision board in your old bedroom, a virtual bulletin board template gives you the freedom to express yourself through text, imagery, graphics, videos, color, and more.

Delight the sense of sight: Represent your talking points, key takeaways, and overarching goals as visuals for improved understanding.

Condense your concepts: Present a variety of related (or unrelated) ideas on one compact canvas.

Blast to the past: Appeal to their sense of nostalgia with the classic bulletin board format.

bulletin board examplebulletin board example
three bulletin boards with push pins and sticky notesthree bulletin boards with push pins and sticky notes

Bring everyone on board

Develop a cohesive bulletin board on an infinite whiteboard, alongside your bosses or BFFs. All participants can pitch their ideas via talk or text, drag around icons, images, and infographics as needed, and let their preferences be known through Vote, Anonymous Thoughts, and Alignment Scale widgets.

All aboard the train to success

A breathtaking bulletin board is just the beginning. For pitch-perfect presentations, productive project sprints, and more, use free resources from our community.


An interactive bulletin board is a virtual representation of the cork boards that adorn so many bedrooms, classrooms, and community centers. Because it’s online and editable, anyone with access can add, shift around the layout, and remove content from the shared board.

Interactive bulletin board templates have countless potential uses. They can act as one-page presentations, brainstorming settings, online community forums, and more.

Online bulletin boards combine the familiarity of the physical bulletin board with the collaborative aspects of the Internet’s shared online spaces. In essence, a virtual bulletin board is like any other shared online document; those invited to collaborate can add whatever they want to the board, comment on what’s currently posted, and share it with people in their network.

Start by opening one of our free bulletin templates, complete with that oh-so-familiar cork board texture and colorful digital push pins. Then, either on your own or with your collaborators, choose a topic to brainstorm around or a presentation to prepare.

Place your central idea in a prominent spot and add corresponding images, text excerpts, videos, graphs, hyperlinks, and more. Move around each asset to create a cohesive visual diagram, then feel free to share it with a larger network to solicit constructive feedback on your idea or pitch. With an easily editable bulletin board at your disposal, you can further edityour layout for various uses and as your project or problem evolves.

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