Look at the big picture with our business model canvas example

Starting with a basic business model canvas and expanding out into action plans, SWOT analyses, and workflow charts, FigJam templates give you a bird’s eye view of your existing business.

example of FigJam design elementsexample of FigJam design elements

Business model canvas template

Collectively brainstorm new business models or chart the ones you already use.

Better business models. No blank canvases.

If you’re trying to build a business plan but feeling bogged down by the blank screen, take a page from FigJam. Customize our business model canvas example, complete with widgets and designs straight from Figma.

Start fresh: Brainstorm and build out your business model using input from your entire team.

Refresh what you have: Take your current business model from your brain to the board—cleaned up and clearly documented.

Streamline and solidify: Use this visual representation to identify what business idea works and what doesn’t.

sections within a business model sections within a business model
visual representation of collaboration onlinevisual representation of collaboration online

Model best practices with your business.

Create a collaborative culture from day one when you build your BMC on FigJam. Use widgets—like polls and alignment charts—to quickly get feedback from your team, marketers, researchers, and more.  And keep everyone engaged and contributing using cursor chat, stamps, and emotes.. Plus, seamless integration with Figma makes it a breeze to hand off ideas to design.

Build your business using all the available tools

With a free business model canvas template as well as roadmap and action plan templates, you can lay the groundwork for your company’s growth.


Our high-resolution business model canvas is an open-ended brainstorming platform, already set up with the key elements of a solid business model—all you have to do is fill in the blanks alongside your team.

A business model canvas outlines the core components of a business plan, including the main problem, value proposition, cost structure, and channels. By clearly laying out each aspect of the business model, you can better plan for all the steps that come next while staying true to your established vision.

The cost structure of a business is the sum of its operating expenses, whether fixed or variable. When pinpointing your structure, you’ll want to consider how economies of scope and scale can benefit your revenue stream and overall company growth.

Start by working within our free business model canvas template. Think big-picture first, then you can dive into the nitty-gritty as you flesh out key activities, main revenue streams, key resources, and more.

Begin by homing in on what’s most important: what sets you apart and who you serve. Brainstorm around user personas, customer pain points, and ways that your products or services offer value to your target customer. Then, you can ideate around key partners, resources, and revenue streams that can help you connect to your customer base.

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