Celebrate the wins with our certificate template

Whether you’re honoring a teammate’s accomplishments or a student’s efforts, recognize the people who matter with a stunning certificate with FigJam templates.

blue document representing a certificate with a medal on top of itblue document representing a certificate with a medal on top of it

Certificate template

Design an award certificate to remember on our free interactive templates.

Toast the team

Celebrate an achievement, boost morale, and let the excitement bubble over with custom certificates.

Appreciate one another: Commemorate hard work and big wins when you personalize default certificate templates for students, friends, and coworkers.

Share what matters: Mark important milestones together and establish traditions that build team culture.

Make new discoveries: Create awards that encourage the team to work together toward innovative solutions.

blue certificate with a medal on top of it surrounded by the words congrats and yayblue certificate with a medal on top of it surrounded by the words congrats and yay
yellow and blue medal with a laughing emoji overlayed on ityellow and blue medal with a laughing emoji overlayed on it

Share the victory lap

Your team does it for the glory, not the gold. But a beautiful certificate can show them that their efforts matter, whether they’re powering through a hackathon, or bringing their A-game to the annual talent show. With Community-built widgets and intuitive design integrations from Figma, you can create celebration-worthy certificates—and share them easily company-wide.

The more, the merrier

Recognize star players with our award certificate template. Then gather your champions on Community templates for winning insights, perspectives, and experiences.


To create a custom certificate that’s easy to edit and update, begin with our free certificate template and personalize the design to reflect your brand and desired aesthetic. Then, fill in the appreciation template with the appropriate text that honors your recipient and the occasion: their name, the award's title, and any relevant dates.

If you plan to use your certificate design template for a routine prize, you’ll be able to return to the same template time and again—simply updating the text to suit your needs.

Ready to begin? Snag a certificate template, free from FigJam, and create your unique award. FigJam’s editable certificate templates encourage maximum collaboration, so incorporate the group’s feedback as you work your design magic.

Certificates help boost group morale and individual participation. By recognizing the achievements of certain members, certificates can incentivize the entire group to work toward a goal.

Receiving a certificate feels good. It can also look good—especially if you’re up for review or on the job market. Certificates can speak to your work ethic, your skill set, and to your ability to work well with others. An award or two on your resume may just give you an edge in the hiring process.

Blank certificate templates can be useful in many settings—including offices, classrooms, clubs, family reunions, and more. Certificates can be perfect for:

- Recognizing a student’s community service achievements

- Honoring an employee of the month

- Commemorating professional accomplishments

- Celebrating an individual or team sport victory

- Checking off personal milestones and wins

- Calling attention to the success of a pitch, project, or product

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