Celebrate wins of any size with a congratulations template

No occasion is too small to commemorate with a congratulations template, free from FigJam.

yellow congratulations certificateyellow congratulations certificate

Congratulations template

Share the excitement with anyone in your life using an online congratulations card template.

Announce every accomplishment

From workplace milestones, graduation, promotion, or a simple appreciation, a customizable congratulations card says “we see you” in style.

Recognize and reward success: Commemorate promotions, life events, or a job well done.

Celebrate your way: Fill in the congrats card template on your own or have your whole team sign the card.

Keep it a surprise: Say goodbye to awkwardly hiding the paper card when your boss comes by—anyone can add their message from their browsers.

congratulations certificate with starburst and waving emojiscongratulations certificate with starburst and waving emojis
three certificates with a heart, smiley, and thumbs up emojisthree certificates with a heart, smiley, and thumbs up emojis

Party with your people

When it comes to personal messages, the more the merrier. With a congratulation template from FigJam, you can share your interactive card with any number of friends, family members, and teammates—inviting them to add personalized comments, drawings, photos, audio messages, and more.

Three cheers for practicality

Create and share your congratulations card without ever leaving your browser. Keep the good times rolling with more tools and templates from our Community.


There’s an art to writing in greeting cards, and congratulatory missives are no exception. A five-star congratulations message should be concise, upbeat, personal, and specific. And don’t forget the names—both yours and theirs!

It’s usually worth mentioning the reason for the celebration, too (to show you’re tuned in to what’s happening). Here’s a quick example:


Congrats on your well-deserved promotion! We’re all rooting for you.

Keep up the great work,


Looking to add a little more pizzazz to your message? Aside from writing CONGRATS in bold letters, you might consider some of these congratulations card ideas:

- I always knew you were a superstar!

- So proud of you and all you’ve achieved.

- It’s been a long time coming—congratulations!

- Pop the champagne! You did it!

- We can’t wait to see what big things you accomplish in the future!

Most importantly, think about who you’re writing to, and adjust your tone to match accordingly.

Coming up with a unique message can be challenging. Congratulations samples can help you write witty puns or a poetic epic, but if those aren’t in line with your communication style, it won’t make sense to use them as inspiration. The best advice? Write from the heart and make it sound like you.

If you’re having trouble saying how you feel, why not show it? With templates from FigJam, you can supercharge your celebratory cards using built-in shapes, graphics, and stamps. Best of all, you can share your congratulations far and wide—an infinite number of collaborators can show their appreciation for that special someone.

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