Make your culture pop with our culture design process

Spill your special sauce—and play around with the recipe—on this interactive, team-oriented template that reshapes and celebrates the culture of your work community.

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Culture design process

Map out your current company culture and build a bridge toward a better future on our inclusive planning template.

Design the workplace culture you’ve been missing

When it comes to a welcoming, productive work environment, there’s always room to grow. Keep true to your company’s soul as you improve vibes and invite progress.

Let it out: Identify rituals, priorities, and norms across the entire org chart to find areas for stronger alignment.

Take charge: Build your organization's culture from the ground up or refine existing values.

Make a plan: Craft a course of action based on your current company culture and future needs.

a circle with a red heart and three red sticky notes labeled "purpose" and "core values"a circle with a red heart and three red sticky notes labeled "purpose" and "core values"
white circle with a red heart in the middle of sections of a culture canvas diagramwhite circle with a red heart in the middle of sections of a culture canvas diagram

Cultivate a collaborative culture

Without community, it’s impossible to build cultural meaning. That’s why everyone’s welcome on your FigJam template. Define and refine your vibe together with Teams, Lil’ Notes, Emoji, and Simple Vote, and make it you with easy, integrated design tools. Collaboration? Company value #1.


A culture design canvas is a one-page document that explores company culture with sections on everything from meeting styles to celebratory rituals.

By filling in a company culture template, teams can identify areas where they can build more alignment and unity, especially when it comes to communication styles, underlying values, diversity, and inclusion of broad perspectives in the workplace.

Company culture has a big impact on productivity—happy coworkers in a respectful and aligned environment increase efficiency and creativity across all departments. By completing a culture map template, or culture roadmap template, you can play to your strengths and locate your weak spots to ultimately improve your organization’s sense of community.

Use this strategic tool to:

1. Get the whole company on the same page

2. Clarify company values across all departments

3. Plan a course of action to improve company culture over time

Whether you’re looking to inspire more diverse candidates to apply for upcoming positions or are eager to streamline methods for resolving workplace tension, a culture presentation template is the perfect mechanism for reshaping the present into your ideal future.

Most culture workshop templates explore these 8 categories of culture through the lens of a company’s purpose and values:

1. Decision-making. How are decisions made at work, and who makes them?

2. Priorities. What drives your organization’s projects and mission?

3. Rituals. Book club meetings in the break room? Birthday parties? What rituals does your organization perform?

4. Feedback. How is feedback delivered, and where does it come from?

5. Psychological safety. Do all coworkers feel included and comfortable?

6. Behaviors. What behaviors does your organization reward or punish?

7. Norms and rules. What baseline rules and values are team members expected to follow?

8. Meetings. How do meetings unfold, and who runs them?

Solicit feedback in all 8 cultural categories to develop a culture canvas that’s as well-received as it is effective. Ready to get started? FigJam makes it easy to welcome the entire community into your culture-building session.

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