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shapes used to represents entitiesshapes used to represents entities

Entity-relationship diagram template

Plan better pathways and debug existing database designs with intuitive ER diagram tools.

Start to see how it all connects

A comprehensive, collaborative ER diagram tool means a clearer organizational understanding and streamlined operations. Ready to build a stronger database structure? Start on FigJam.

Flow together: So long, silo! Through FigJam’s ER diagramming tools, your entire team can easily see how their work makes the whole org work.

Document database design: Document existing processes and pathways and present your ER diagram to new hires, investors, and more.

See, build, analyze: Create and collaborate with your teammates as you plot out database design. See an opportunity to streamline? Leave a comment with ideas.

ER diagramming toolsER diagramming tools
collaboration tools within ER diagram templatecollaboration tools within ER diagram template

Put the relationship in entity-relationship diagrams.

An ER diagram doesn’t just represent the relationships between data points, order numbers, or concepts. It represents the work you do—and the people who make it happen.

With a range of community-built widgets and plugins at the ready, your diagrams can feel as lively and dynamic as your team, your users, and your products. And stickies, stamps, and cursor chat make it easy for your entire team to contribute to plotting out database models.


An ER diagram, or an entity-relationship diagram, is a visual representation of how your data relates and interacts. ER diagrams clarify relationships between entities in a system—data objects, points, concepts, or users—by placing them in a flowchart. Tables and boxes that house data from one entity can flow into other entities through connecting lines and arrows.

Creating an ER diagram is simple and free with FigJam. To get started, download one of our free ER diagram tools. Then, it’s plug and play (and play with community-built plugins). Determine your specific entities, add an attribute or two to each, and begin sketching out the relationships between them all. Curious about your team’s POV on your ERD design? FigJam makes it easy to bring multiple perspectives into the fold with its interactive open platform and suite of collaborative widgets.

It’s common to find entities represented as rectangles on most entity-relationship diagrams. But on FigJam, you can—and should—collaborate to design ER diagrams that express your creativity, design chops, and innovative perspective. In our collection of free diagramming templates, you’ll find entity-relationship diagram examples and ER diagram makers, but they’re all yours to customize, build on, and bring to life—just download to get started.

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