Break down systems with a functional decomposition diagram

Demystify the chains of action that keep your systems running and problem solve from the top down with insight-generating diagrams from FigJam.

vertical tree diagram on blue backgroundvertical tree diagram on blue background

Functional decomposition template

Help the whole team understand the structure of systems and the flow of functions of individual elements with our collaborative chart.

Get micro for macro results

Organize and create a functional hierarchy with clear visualization of functions and sub-functions. Then, perfect your flow with fellow developers and designers.  

Improve understanding of complex systems: Gain full clarity on what’s happening when your user clicks that functional requirement (aka button)—and how it impacts your team.

Face challenges head-on: Easily locate problem areas and visualize their connective impact as you brainstorm solutions.

Plan better, together: Tapping into a hierarchical display of functions and sub-functions, streamline workflows and product designs.

top of functional decomposition diagram with a thumbs up emojitop of functional decomposition diagram with a thumbs up emoji
section of functional decomposition diagram with FigJam's collaboration toolssection of functional decomposition diagram with FigJam's collaboration tools

Putting the fun back in functional decomposition diagrams

When you connect a functional decomposition example with FigJam, you can spend less time searching for insights and more time building from them. With Community-built widgets, you can unmask the chain of action, all while strengthening your community. From virtual whiteboards to icebreaker widgets, you’ll find all the tools you need to tackle your project together.

Get to the good part faster with functional decomposition examples

Simplify systems and inspire innovation with a functional decomposition diagram. Next, check out similar templates from our Community that boost workflow—and good vibes.


A functional decomposition diagram lays out the steps of a system from start to finish in chronological fashion. Illustrating any basic function and its sub-functions in a top-to-bottom fashion, these diagrams show the functional breakdown of how systems unfold and how every step connects to the next. By capturing the moving parts of a complex system in one simplified visualization, functional decomposition diagrams can provide teams with a more holistic understanding of their multi-faceted project or software build.

Functional decomposition diagrams are useful because they help address and anticipate any hangups. You might use a diagram to locate the source of a problem at a microscopic level or catch a snafu before it begins. When you help your team understand every step of the process, you’ll see creativity and efficiency bloom.

To start, reallocate your valuable time from creating a homemade diagram and tap into FigJam’s customizable functional decomposition diagram example. Work with your team to deconstruct functions and their sub-functions, then plug them into your template’s descending rectangular boxes. Next, trace the impact of every element by connecting each box vertically. Columns differentiate between areas of the project, but ultimately, the diagram reveals how each moving part relates to the whole.

Simple visuals and directions from FigJam will make drawing a breeze. Use the task of filling in our template as a team-wide activity, and get to the root of even the most tangled systems.

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