Keep pace with our goal tracker template

From personal finance and fitness goals to business milestones and deadlines, FigJam’s goal tracker outlines your objectives so you can hit your stride.

sheet of paper with pink and purple boxes in a layoutsheet of paper with pink and purple boxes in a layout

Goal tracker template

Turn goal-setting into a team sport with our interactive goal chart template.

Go for the goal

Our visual goal tracker helps you set and score goals for legendary performance on the field, off the clock, and everywhere in between.

Stay organized: Finish projects quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-read list of overall goals and intermediate steps.

Prioritize responsibilities: Whether it’s a team responsibility or personal pursuit, keep the focus on action items with engaging goal chart ideas.

Practice consistency: Stay on track and continuously make progress with clear, achievable action steps.

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section of a goal tracker template with FigJam's collaboration toolssection of a goal tracker template with FigJam's collaboration tools

Cover the field together

Sharing common goals is a sure way to turn strangers into a team. No matter the size and scope of your project, FigJam makes group bonding easy. With cursor chats, imaginative stamps and emotes, and easy-to-use Community-built widgets, collaborative goal setting has never been easier.

Eyes on the prize…and on the nitty-gritty 

Lay out each specific goal that matters to you on one interactive goal setting chart. Then, fuel your day-by-day progress with more templates from our Community.


Anyone can use a goal tracker—and everyone should. A goal-setting chart can be useful in a variety of contexts, from the professional to the personal, as a way to home in on purpose and monitor individual and group progress. Whether you want to boost team performance, introduce a new concept to the classroom, or tackle a personal pursuit, a goal tracker can help you stay accountable and on track.

To make a goal tracker, begin by clearly defining your goal—a specific objective that you want to accomplish within a predetermined period.

Once you jot down your overall objective, it’s time to pen in the specific action steps. Organize these steps in a way that’s easy to understand, say chronologically or by priority. For greater clarity, consider a visual goal tracker that allows you to color-code the steps and check them off as you complete them.

Click here to learn more about goal tracking tips and best practices.

If you’re working with a team, create a collaborative goal tracking atmosphere by brainstorming around purpose, assigning an action plan, and rooting each other on as you get closer to your objectives. For a personal goal, consider enlisting an accountability partner to help you evaluate whether you’re sticking to your goal-setting chart over time. Goal tracking can be a personal process, but bringing some cheerleaders on board can give you a mighty boost.

It’s also important to recognize that your objectives can change as you take in information and learn from your actions. This is why an online goal tracker is one of the best ways to follow your progress. Our easily editable goal tracking template accommodates shifts to your goals—and endless high-fives.

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