Land your dream role with our interview guide cheat sheet

Whether you’re gunning for that new job offer, a big promotion, or a spot in a grad school program, this interview guide ensures you won’t miss the mark.

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Interview cheat sheet template

Tap into this cheat sheet interview template from anywhere to prep for an impressive first impression.

Ace that interview

You know what they say: When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Set yourself up for success with a guide full of your accomplishments, expectations, and questions.

Plan and prep: Ready yourself for any question and every answer by writing down the company’s culture, products, and mission statement.

Have a backup: Guide your interviewee through the gauntlet with this easy-to-follow outline organizing your discussion.

Remember your resume: Eliminate every “um”—spend enough time working on your cheat sheet, and you won’t even need it in the job interview.

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You don’t have to go it alone

Complete this cheat sheet with your support network, and you’ll carry them in spirit throughout your interview. With FigJam, you can test-run answers and encourage feedback through Emoji, Lil’ Notes, and Badge. Weighing your options? Customize your guide according to every opportunity that comes your way.

The interview is just the intro

Tackle the toughest interviews with complete confidence. Once you secure that new job or promotion, lean on more templates from our Community to prove they made the right choice.


Prepping for an interview guide starts with researching the organization you’re applying to. Try to find as much information as possible on their values, culture, services, history, and what the job description entails.

The other half of the interview process is more about reflection than research. Take some time to write out your key skills and experiences, your strengths and weaknesses, and your answers to some common interview questions. Finally, don’t forget to jot down any interview questions you have for your potential employer—after all, the interview is a two-way street.

When writing a job interview cheat sheet, it’s essential to be clear and to the point. Complete sentences are fantastic for providing plentiful detail, but in a high-pressure interview scenario, you want to be able to glean information at a glance. Bullet points and brevity are your friends.

Here’s something they don’t tell you in interview school: You’re allowed to bring a notepad into the room to help you remember. In fact, some interviewers see advanced preparation and mid-interview note-taking as signs of commitment and thoughtfulness.

As long as you don’t spend the entire 60 minutes staring at your interview cheat sheet, you’re unlikely to have your preparedness used against you.

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