Draw a crowd with our virtual invitation maker

Skip the snail mail (unless your guests are snails) and get the word out fast with this customizable e-mail invite.

red rectangle with a circle centered at the top and sparkles surrounding itred rectangle with a circle centered at the top and sparkles surrounding it

Virtual invite template 

Look no further for a flexible invitation card template your team can use to promote anything from classy fundraiser galas to the company-wide softball tournament.

Let’s get this party started

Before guests arrive and frivolity ensues, give them FOMO by sending a tailored online invitation straight to their inbox.

Practically handmade: With our customizable format at your fingertips, give your virtual invite a personal touch.

Instant arrival: No more checking the mailbox—be confident your guests received their invite, pronto.

Easy RSVPs: Receive responses right on time when all guests have to do is hit ‘Reply.’

virtual invitation examples with video and microphone iconsvirtual invitation examples with video and microphone icons
example virtual invite with smiley face and other fun emojisexample virtual invite with smiley face and other fun emojis

Everybody’s invited

On FigJam’s infinite canvas, there’s always enough cake to go around. Elevate your invites with festoons of balloons and then make it personal with free, enticing icebreakers—sure to bring a little bit of the party animal out in every one of your coworkers.


Crafting an eye-catching invitation is simple with FigJam. Whether you’re fashioning an invitation to a virtual event, planning a birthday party, creating a bridal shower invitation, or bringing the team together to celebrate under one roof, our free virtual invitation card maker makes it easy to produce quality designs. Simply create your invitation using one of our invitation card templates, share it with your collaborators for feedback, and ship it out to your invitees in record time.

Once your virtual invite template is complete, you’ll want to send out your digital invitation and spread the word. Thanks to its digital nature, your summons can reach guests in the blink of an eye. Choose whatever channels your team primarily uses to communicate for in-house gatherings, whether that’s Slack or Google Chat. If you’re opening company doors to the community, e-mail blasts are a reliable way to get your message to the masses.

Your virtual event invitation is just like the paper post of yore—guests will use it to determine their availability and get a slice of what to expect. Be sure to include this essential info in your proposition:

- What you’re celebrating (i.e., a team member's birthday)

- The date and time of your event

- Where your event is taking place

- Dress code requirements (i.e., casual, black tie)

- Special requests (i.e., no gifts, bring potluck food)

- Instructions on how to RSVP

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