Build bonds and buzz with our Jeopardy! template

With FigJam’s customizable Jeopardy! online template, you can create engaging games that inspire collaboration—and friendly competition— among teammates, classmates, family, and more.

jeopardy game boardjeopardy game board

Online Jeopardy! template

Up the energy before you get down to business with an editable game template that’s suitable for work (and study and more).

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I’ll take “Informative Ice Breakers” for 800, Alex

Mix up your co-op meetings with some can’t-miss competition, turn up your family reunion with some grandparent-themed trivia, or bring the Daily Double into daily standup to get your whole team buzzing.

Revamp your training: Create an interactive lesson plan that keeps new students and hires engaged from the get-go. 

Team huddle time: Warm up the team or the class with a fun game that inspires collaboration, jogs information recall, and invites creative ideas.

Boost group morale: Build confidence among your team and create an atmosphere that makes it easy to speak up so the best ideas aren’t left in the dust.

series of selected spaces on a jeopardy gameboardseries of selected spaces on a jeopardy gameboard
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More than just a game

The impact of a good Jeopardy! game? Anything but trivial. Study, bond, and build new connections with customizable templates that invite interaction among contestants. Whatever the goal of your game, FigJam makes it easy to cheer with emotes, take team polls on challenging trivia, and fold-in art and images.

What are…collaborative templates? 

Set the tone for a buzz-worthy meeting or class with a Jeopardy! game. Then go from win to win with other templates from the Community.


A Jeopardy! template consists of questions arranged by rows and columns in a box shape. Assign each question a corresponding dollar value, and set the rows so they increase in value. The easiest questions worth the least belong in the first row, and the hardest, most valuable questions sit in the bottom row.

Making a Jeopardy! game is a game in and of itself. Gather a few collaborators on our online Jeopardy! template and establish the purpose of this fun game—this will help you land on categories and questions.

Using Jeopardy! for educational purposes? Your categories will probably be aimed at what you’re trying to teach, like “Politicians from California” or “Flora and Fauna of Central America.” But if your Jeopardy! ambitions trend toward ice breaker, you might look to pop culture, food, or sports for inspiration.

To hold a virtual Jeopardy! game, begin by creating the game board itself. You can use our free interactive Jeopardy! Game template online to set up the questions and corresponding dollar amounts. Then, share your creation with the game contestants.

Before diving into the competition, divide contestants into three teams, each with their own team captain. The team captains will take turns choosing the question for the round. After a question is asked, team members can private message their responses to team captains, who will share the answers with the larger group. The first team with the correct answer wins the round. Don’t forget to cheer on the winners virtually with a high-five or emote.

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