Find your spark with our journaling template

Whether you’re plotting a new project or a personal goal, fire up your creativity—and productivity—with FigJam’s journaling templates.

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Journaling template

Share your ideas and inspirations on an infinite, interactive template and welcome collaborators behind the curtain.

Rise and shine… and journal

Practice mindfulness, jot down memories, and let your ideas shine daily on an online journal template.

Create a goal-oriented mindset: Track your progress, celebrate your improvement, and reach your goals.

Find inspiration: Discover new directions and expand existing ideas when you’re stuck.

Improve communication skills: Develop a daily habit of writing regularly and learn to express your thoughts or mood with ease and confidence.

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It takes two flints to make a fire

It’s no secret that journaling sparks creativity. So if you want to light a fire under the entire team, why not sketch, scratch, and share—together? Our collaborative workspaces, convenient cursor chats, and Community-built widgets make it easy to journal your way to new insights.

Fuel up with new ideas, venture toward possibility

Find illuminating ideas with our journaling templates, free from FigJam. Then, put the best and the brightest into action with Community templates.


If a blank sheet of paper—or gasp, blank notebook—seems intimidating, begin with journaling templates to help organize the layout. Journaling examples are incredibly varied and can lend to different purposes and mediums. You might prefer frequent journal prompts, or perhaps you’re looking for lots of room to roam. Our free journaling templates are easily editable, designed to suit scribblers and sketchers of all stripes.

Once you’ve settled into your online journal, set a routine and stick to it. How often you journal is up to you, but you might be amazed at the benefits you’ll reap from creating this journaling habit.

Journaling comes in a wide variety of forms, each with its advantages. Consider the following:

Directed journaling – Examples of directed journals include bullet journals, list journals, and prompts. This organized form of journaling often helps with productivity by giving you a clear structure to follow.

Reflective journaling – This form of journaling focuses on past events and your responses to them. Begin with a personal journal template or take a stream of consciousness approach as you launch into your memories.

Visual journaling – Beneficial for sparking creativity, visual journaling typically includes a mix of text and images—perfect for personal and professional contexts.

What should I write in a daily journal? How do I journal in a way that supports my purpose? These are common questions you may ask yourself when you first pick up a journal. It’s essential to understand your motivations for journaling. For example, if you want to be more productive, questions in your journal entry may include:

Did I achieve my goals today?

How do I feel about what I accomplished?

What can I do better tomorrow?

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