Continuously improve with a Kaizen template

Use regular, organized reflection to enact positive change by incorporating Kaizen—Japanese for improvement—into your business process.

Kaizen template

Empower your entire team to collaborate on continuous improvements, from day-to-day fixes to total overhauls.

Knowledge is power

Record your Kaizen efforts on a FigJam template to give your organization the gift of insight—and strive toward continuous improvement through careful, measured steps.

Document: Keep track of and summarize your improvement efforts with a dedicated template.

Connect: Share your documentation and feedback across your entire organization.

Identify: Use detailed records to pick out inefficiencies and opportunities for growth.

two boxes labeled before and after with status boxes beneath themtwo boxes labeled before and after with status boxes beneath them

Work together, work better

Make your team work and your dream work with FigJam’s Kaizen charter template. Gather the whole gang in a digital meeting room and use fun, integrated widgets like Anonymous Thoughts, Simple Vote, and Emoji and stickies to communicate and collaborate.

Meet more efficiently, make more progress

Prioritize consistent growth and improvement through regular meetings, made easy with Kaizen examples. Then actively pursue Kaizen with a huge selection of strategic planning templates from the FigJam community.


A Kaizen report is a written record of a meeting between two or more members of an organization who are working to improve a specific aspect of their operations. The report includes individual sections to address the situation before the improvement was implemented, the effect of the improvement, the observable KPIs that indicate success, and which departments and team members are responsible for the work process—and progress.

The 5 steps (or 5 S’s) of Kaizen are:

1. Sort – Organize tools and tasks.

2. Set in order – Prioritize the order and placement of tools and tasks.

3. Shine – Create and maintain a clean and efficient workplace for a fresh approach to the topic.

4. Systematize – Establish consistent standards to adhere to.

5. Sustain – Continuously maintain the progress and processes from the first four steps.

First, gather with team members who are working on the same project. Once you’re together, you can establish the topic of discussion and the current state of the project. Record testimony and evidence (ideally including pictures), before and after Kaizen is implemented. Complete the sections specifying responsible team members and departments. When you’ve finished filling out your report, you’ll have permanent documentation of the progress you’ve made.

Use FigJam’s Kaizen charter template to complete the process in one intuitive digital space. Your Kaizen event template and the valuable information gained will remain accessible to all participants for the opportunity to reference later on. You can even gather org-wide feedback using widgets like Anonymous thoughts and Alignment scales.

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