Show coworkers appreciation with kudos cards

Boost office morale and brighten up your colleagues’ days with customizable kudos cards you can hand-deliver (or email) straight to their desks.

stack of colorful cards with a smiley facestack of colorful cards with a smiley face

Kudos cards

Reward hard work and celebrate every team member’s valuable contributions with a personalized kudos card template to say “thank you” with ease.

There’s nothing more satisfying than workplace praise

Let Sally in Finance know you appreciate her help with your budget planning or thank Tim in IT for upgrading your setup—this kudos card declares your gratitude in a format they can save forever.

Choose your design: For inside jokes or serious sentiments, kudos cards are infinitely flexible.

Put your stamp on it: Modify this customizable template to show gratitude to a special person or the whole team in your signature style.

Open up your options: You can motivate as well as appreciate with the option to include constructive feedback and reassuring messages.

colorful kudos card examplescolorful kudos card examples
kudos card that has a high five emoji and says "Congratulations"kudos card that has a high five emoji and says "Congratulations"

An ego boost for the whole team

Good work deserves to be rewarded, and our templates make it easy to share your message with everyone who needs to hear it. Congregate around an endless whiteboard, host silly icebreakers, and collaborate using convenient widgets—at this rate, everyone will deserve a kudos card.


Kudos cards are short, written tokens of appreciation to send to virtually anyone as a gesture of gratitude—coworkers, peers, friends, and collaborators all deserve to feel appreciated.

FigJam’s kudo card template simplifies the process by providing a standard format to customize as you wish. For busy scribblers without time to design an attractive note, kudo cards are a quick, all-inclusive way to share your message. Type out a lengthy paragraph of praise or jot down a few high-value sentences—whatever your communication style, our kudo card template can help.

“Kudos,” which means praise in response to achievement, is a Greek word that entered the American lexicon in the 1920s. Now a popular element of everyday speech, kudos are “given” verbally when somebody accomplishes a goal. You can also give kudos to signify gratitude.

Celebrate a project ending with kudos for the whole team, or let an individual know they’re an asset to your community. Either way, this symbol of appreciation is bound to put a smile on your recipient’s face.

Aside from a fist bump and a “nice work, boss,” giving kudos is simple: use FigJam’s kudos template to create an easily customizable token of your gratitude. WFH? OOO? Send kudo cards online via email for a swift delivery that lives on in their inbox. Or print out your praises and hand-deliver them to the next cubicle over.

Kudos for making your team feel special!

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