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Generate buzz with our marketing mix template

When you outline the four Ps that make your product sing, your latest drop is bound to be the only thing anyone will be talking about.

colorful venn diagram over a red backgroundcolorful venn diagram over a red background

Marketing mix template

Get the band together and turn your next product into a hit on our free interactive templates.

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Amp up the release

Product, place, promotion, and price—you’ve got the goods. Now sync everything up with an off-the-charts marketing plan.

Build your strategy systematically: Break down your marketing ideas into four categories and dig deeper into each one for new insights.

Compare and contrast: Visualize various strategies at a glance to find your ideal go-to-market solution.

Know your scope: Keep your project ideas organized and on budget for an effective marketing campaign.

four colorful circles labeled promotion, price, product and place over a red backgroundfour colorful circles labeled promotion, price, product and place over a red background
colorful venn diagram with circling arrows overlayed on topcolorful venn diagram with circling arrows overlayed on top

The best ideas, ft. the whole team

Find the perfect blend of ideas with our customizable templates. Share insights with Anonymous Thoughts, add personality with Emoji, and exchange comments through Lil Notes. For the ultimate ’Jam sesh, you’ll want to throw everyone’s voices into the mix.

All your planning resources on shuffle

Zone in on the marketplace with our marketing mix diagram. Then, turn up the analytical insights with templates from our Community.


A marketing mix chart comprises four quadrants—product, price, promotion, and place—that combine to make up a strong marketing strategy. These brainstorming diagrams can be handy for launching a new product, version, or feature.

They’re also quite simple to use. As you brainstorm your product on a marketing matrix mix, you’ll separate your thoughts into the categories mentioned above to ensure you cover all the bases of your upcoming campaign.

Marketing mix diagrams feature the four fundamental elements, or pillars, of an effective marketing strategy. Here are the marketing 4Ps example pillars:

Product – This category refers to the product or feature you’re planning to launch. In this quadrant of the diagram, you’ll jot down unique characteristics, various selling points, key features, customer needs, and points of differentiation from competitors.

Price – When you brainstorm the “price” pillar, you’ll evaluate how your product or service relates to the market. Are you in a high-end luxury market? What are the lowest and highest price points available? Will you offer VIP perks?

Promotion – In this quadrant, you’ll clarify the channels you’ll use to promote your product. Examples of promotional channels include print advertisements, email newsletters, and influencer partnerships.

Place – In the “place” quadrant, you’ll consider where customers can find your product, such as physical shops, an online website, or via social media links.

To get started with your marketing mix, check out our examples of marketing mix diagrams. Then, gather your team—either online or IRL—to brainstorm your target audience and each pillar of the 4Ps. As you toss around ideas, fill out each area of the diagram to establish:

- Your target audience

- Your product details

- Your product price

- Your promotional plan

- Where and when you’ll launch

After you’ve customized the example of marketing mix 4 P's, feel free to share it across product development, marketing, and sales teams to ensure that everyone’s on the same page as you dive into your launch strategy.

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