Properly present your people with a meet the team template

Kick off every relationship on the right foot, whether you’re introducing a client to their new team or commencing an internal collaboration between departments.

six tiles with placeholder human icons for photossix tiles with placeholder human icons for photos

Meet the team template

Mix and mingle your way to meaningful collaboration with our free interactive get-to-know-you template.

Skip the small talk

Take the time to introduce every new face so you can inspire understanding between collaborators and create efficiencies among teams.

Build trust: Establish the credibility of every team member when you highlight their skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

Get acquainted: Help unfamiliar teams remember names, faces, and roles for smoother communication.

Encourage collaboration: Showcase another side of every individual by sharing interesting personal details that create instant connections.

placeholder sections for team introductions on a diagramplaceholder sections for team introductions on a diagram
team member tiles in team sections on a diagramteam member tiles in team sections on a diagram

Invite everyone to the party

Encourage team bonding with our meet the team template. Celebrate each team member’s top accomplishments with stamps and emojis, ask icebreaker questions with Anonymous Thoughts, and play get-to-know-you games that encourage collaboration right from the get-go.

Meet, greet, and repeat 

Use our meet the team template to bond with colleagues, coworkers, or classmates. Continue the communication and collaboration with more Community-made templates.


Meet the team introduction examples often contain key information about individuals on your team. These templates strike a balance between being informative and brief. They’re typically easy-to-read documents allowing new people to learn about your team quickly.

Consider filling out your customizable meet our team template with the following information:

- Name and picture – Personalize your team with a visual identifier that shows the people behind the organization.

- Job title or project role – Help others understand the responsibilities of each team member so they know where to direct questions and who to collaborate with on various projects.

- Notable past experience – Highlight the skillsets and expertise of each individual, outlining key professional accomplishments. Show pride in your team members while also giving junior teammates someone to look up to or seek help from in specialized areas.

- Just-for-fun facts – Show the person behind the employee with some interesting biographical details, hobbies, special skills, silly accomplishments, favorite TV shows—anything goes, really.

- Contact information – Include email addresses, social media links, or office phone numbers on your meet the team template to encourage direct communication.

Meet the team templates are a useful tool for summarizing important facts about your team. An informative meet the team graphic puts names to faces, helping an unfamiliar group become more personable and approachable. Strong meet our team examples also initiate instant person-to-person connections by showing more than just a job title and photo.

Start with a friendly, lively introduction as soon as you know of a new collaboration or group project—this can set a positive tone for subsequent teamwork. It can be helpful to send out a meet the team design before the introductory meeting so everyone knows who they’ll be talking to and can get excited about certain facts and potential friendships.

While you have everyone gathered for a meet the team presentation, consider conducting an icebreaker game or brainstorming activity that can immediately break down barriers and allow individuals to connect over the information they’ve just learned.

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