Stay on target with our milestone chart example

Whether you’re showcasing your team’s progress on a project or highlighting how far you’ve come on a creative venture, FigJam’s timeline templates make it easy to see what’s on the horizon and plan a bright future.

horizontal line with three hanging boxeshorizontal line with three hanging boxes

Milestone chart example

Set milestones that motivate the whole team on a collaborative template.

Leave no (mile)stone unturned

Bond over common goals and make meaningful progress on your project with the help of a digestible, visually appealing planning chart.

Visualize and prioritize: Lay out the key steps to a project’s fulfillment on one page and provide a clear trajectory to success for your team.

Give your team a pat on the back: Reach well-defined, achievable milestones together and enjoy a collective sense of accomplishment.

Each individual matters: Distribute responsibilities to highlight how everyone’s efforts contribute to the larger goal.

horizontal line with hanging blue rectangle and sticky notes stacked underneathhorizontal line with hanging blue rectangle and sticky notes stacked underneath
linear calendar timeline with three milestones along the linelinear calendar timeline with three milestones along the line

Defeat the deadline, together

Take no chances on your next project when your entire team stands behind you. Fiddle together with our Timeline widget, jot down milestone descriptions with our Lil Notes feature, and share ambitious ideas on our open canvases. FigJam’s free interactive templates turn planning into a collaborative experience that feels more like play.


A project milestone chart lists key steps in a project chronologically from left to right. By laying out an entire project from start to finish, a milestone timeline chart helps you visualize important project benchmarks at a glance and stay consistent—whether you’re focusing on the big picture or diving into the details.

Team leaders and project managers often use milestone chart templates to summarize project benchmarks for team members, stakeholders, managers, and more. These charts often appear in the drafting stages of new projects as tools that streamline communication. Because most projects tend to be complex and collaborative, milestone charts distill larger initiatives into the most essential elements and communicate responsibilities to ensure a smooth progression from brainstorming to shipment.

A milestone chart templategenerally includes a horizontal timeline that represents the entire duration of the project with milestones listed out on vertical lines below. Under each milestone, there’s typically information about each milestone and the steps required to reach them.

Unsure where to begin? Our milestone chart covers all the essentials for a successful chart. Start planning with FigJam’s free editable templates.

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