Make business personal with our one on one meeting template

Maximize one on one time with meeting agendas and interactive tools that build connection and collaboration—not to mention growth, support, and employee engagement.

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1 on 1 meeting template

Speak individually to team members to bring your short- and long-term career goals together.

Break out to breakthrough

We’ve set the table for two so you can create solid communication channels that elevate employee performance and strengthen relationships.

Get on the same page: Shout out your employees’ victories and dismantle their roadblocks with 1 on 1 meeting agendas that support personal growth and manager-employee relationships.

Circle back: Revisit past meeting agendas and easily follow up on previous builds, employee concerns, and performance goals with emotes or cursor chats.

Connect the thoughts: Empower employees to map out their own performance goals, weekly progress, and constructive feedback on collaborative agendas and templates.

meeting template with unique color-coded sectionsmeeting template with unique color-coded sections
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Work together to work smarter

Put it all on the table with a one-on-one meeting agenda that embraces ideation, collaboration, and innovation. With collaborative mind maps, ice breakers, and weekly planner templates, FigJam provides community-built tools and widgets to support your relationships and generate new practices that ebb with your workflow.

Get your check-ins together with our 1 on 1 meeting template

No more stilted back and forths or scary silences. With customizable, collaborative templates from our Community, you might just start expecting more from your 1 on 1 meetings.


Structuring your one-on-one meeting agenda is easy with FigJam.

Our 1 on 1 meeting template includes a sample agenda that features action items broken up by sections and times. Begin by exploring general inquiries, such as your employees’ challenges and victories before broadening the scope to long-term goals—that’s right, it’s time to pull out the classic: Where do you see yourself in 3, 5, and 10 years?

After your deep dive into the future, it’s time to pull it back into the present. Zoom in on growth opportunities for yourself and your employee, then zoom out to company and team ambitions.

With FigJam’s downloadable agenda for one on one meetings, you can make every check-in matter.

Establishing a recurring meeting —whether it’s held every week or once a month—creates a safe space for your employees to discuss their progress and objectives, and share feedback. By building check-ins into your team workflow, you can show your employees they’re valued and create a team culture that’s steeped in communication and respect.

One to one meetings strengthen relationships between managers and their individual team members. In the end, everyone wants to feel valued, and one on one meetings are a two-way street for the compliment caravan.

In other words, personalized progress check-ins enable transparency. Employees can gain insight into the managerial mastery that eases their workflow. And managers can applaud employees for their octopus-like abilities to juggle multiple projects.

FigJam’s meeting templates and community widgets invite your entire team to explore ideas that matter, together.

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