Never miss a deadline with this online calendar maker

Whether you’re planning project deliveries or birthday parties, FigJam’s monthly calendar blank template can help you keep important dates in mind, schedule your way to success, and share what’s on the horizon with team members and friends.

red calendar on a blue backgroundred calendar on a blue background

Online calendar maker

Customize your blank calendar month template to keep your people up to date—all the time, anywhere.

A productive month? Plan on it

With online calendar planner templates, communicate priorities with your team—or pencil in some off-the-clock fun.

Mark progress: Meet deadlines and hit targets with built-in accountability tools.

Ping priorities: Outline personal or professional goals on customizable, shared calendars.

Provide reminders: Notify team members (or family members) about upcoming deadlines or meetings.

red calendar with FigJam's collaboration toolsred calendar with FigJam's collaboration tools
three overlapping calendars on a blue backgroundthree overlapping calendars on a blue background

Get organized one month at a time

With FigJam’s open, online platform, staying organized is simple. Community-built widgets like Lil notes and Timeline mean you never have to wonder where you’re at—or whether your people are on the same page.

Visualize your future with FigJam

Dreaming big is one thing. Turning those dreams into a reality is another. Build a bridge to a bright future with FigJam’s Community templates.


A monthly calendar planner allows you to understand the near future at a glance. By presenting upcoming deadlines and appointments in a visually appealing and well-organized fashion, calendar planners make incredibly useful tools for scheduling and prioritizing every task and event.

And while monthly calendar planners certainly boost personal organization, they also can benefit teams. With shared online calendar schedule planners at their fingertips, booked-and-busy individuals can finally align their schedules—and their goals.

Using a calendar planner is simple. The most important aspect is marking down every obligation, no matter how small. Even if you have other ways of remembering what’s on the docket, gathering every bit of information in one place gives you a complete picture of the month ahead.

Ensuring that everyone in your orbit has access to the blank template calendar is vital too. Luckily, FigJam’s shared calendar canvas makes it possible for your team members, friends, and family to see your schedule any time, any place.

Wondering how to make your own personalized calendar planner? You may have guessed that pen and paper aren’t going to cut it—especially if you want to make your monthly calendar available to peers or friends.

For a shareable, intuitive planner, tap into a free blank monthly calendar template from FigJam. Don’t worry about resizing cells, formatting in fiddly programs, or compiling information from different departments. On FigJam’s collaborative templates you can swiftly integrate organization-wide plans, highlight key deadlines, and bring folks on board for clear communication (and high-fives).

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