Watch solutions blossom with our opportunity solution tree

Visualize the steps toward your project outcome and branch out to discover fresh new products with this interactive template.

simple tree diagramsimple tree diagram

Opportunity solution tree 

Whittle down your problem-solving process for smoother product builds with this team-friendly template.

Branch out into comprehensive problem-solving

This non-linear diagram helps your team tap straight into the source for sweet, sweet results.

Untangle project roots: Clarify desired outcomes and compare and contrast solutions for the most valuable plan forward.

Turn over a new leaf: Improve upon your team’s problem-solving plan for successful outcomes.

Budding opportunities: Address changes to better meet user needs and upgrade your product strategy.

tree diagram with blue and purple circlestree diagram with blue and purple circles
tree diagram with purple circle and eight rectangles below ittree diagram with purple circle and eight rectangles below it

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Every opportunity tree works to simplify the elusive ideation process in product development. This framework helps teams stay on track by highlighting real-life opportunities and organizing abstractions. When you sketch an opportunity solution tree as a team, you’ll be able to compare possible solutions for viability and improve your collective problem-solving skills.

Whether you’re aiming to make a product more efficient or want to boost customer retention, this hierarchical diagram helps you see what decisions need to be made.

To create your diagram, simply tap into for FigJam’s free opportunity solution tree template (yep, you can skip squeezing everything onto one sheet of paper) and complete the following steps:

1. Start your opportunity tree solution example by choosing your desired outcome. This singular metric can fall anywhere along your product’s path, from specific revenue goals to a desired number of consumers.

2. Research opportunities for growth that benefit this outcome. These opportunities can be upcoming changes to your company model or needs reflected by consumers.

3. Connect each Opportunity to your Outcome and delve into the micro-opportunities that fuel each option. These micro-opportunities will branch off into Solutions, and finally Experiments, down below.

4. Zoom out. You’ll see a flowing visual framework to inform your ideation process.

Opportunity mapping is a workflow analysis that helps every product team stay on task, eliminate distractions, and forge clear pathways to addressing customer value and needs. Opportunity solution tree examples are the ideal framework for problem-solving—laying out the many routes to success in an orderly, visual fashion that’s organized by one clear, desired outcome.

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