Work toward your ideal future with outcome mapping

Brainstorm possible outcomes so you can better prepare for your desired outcome. Using FigJam’s outcome mapping template, your stakeholders will wonder if you’ve developed the power of precognition.

colorful rectangle shapes connected by lines over an orange backgroundcolorful rectangle shapes connected by lines over an orange background

Outcome mapping

Make sure everyone on your team is familiar with the terrain ahead so you can take the guesswork out of your next steps.

When in doubt, map it out

Map your way to success with FigJam’s dedicated outcome mapping template. After all, when you stay ready you never have to get ready.

Stay nimble: Prepare for inevitable changes ahead of time, and never play catch up again.

Zoom out: Predict the effect your project will have on your industry and the world at large.

Get a grip: Teach your team to think of change as a welcome possibility rather than a frightening one.

colorful rectangles connected by lines underneath five white rectangles colorful rectangles connected by lines underneath five white rectangles
colorful rectangles connected by lines and icons overlayed over each rectanglecolorful rectangles connected by lines and icons overlayed over each rectangle

It takes a whole crew to sail a ship

Improve communication and make use of all the talent on your team by collaborating on a FigJam template. Intuitive design tools enable easy brainstorming and strategizing, and integrated widgets let you chat, deliver feedback, and even play games without switching tabs.

Strike out with confidence

Once you’ve mapped out every possibility, you’ll know exactly which path to take. FigJam has the perfect planning tools to start your journey off on the right foot.


Outcome mapping is the practice of predicting possibilities for any given endeavor, from a business pursuit to a political campaign (or even a major personal decision). It involves imagining possible end-result scenarios and connecting them to influence, outcomes, and outputs, both positive and negative.

To start outcome mapping, you’ll simply:

1. Gather your team. If you’re working on FigJam’s outcome mapping examples template, this is as easy as clicking a button.

2. Outline your current project, including the goals and major players.

3. Brainstorm every possible end result. This is the most difficult—yet essential—part of the process and will require plenty of creative thinking and collaboration. Don’t be afraid to bring up negative outcomes, as these are the most important to prepare for.

4. Once you have your list of possible outcomes, imagine the impact that will come from each. Even positive outcomes like selling out your entire product line on the day it drops can have unintended consequences (for example, upset customers who couldn’t snag their favorite product, or company growth that isn’t sustainable).

The TL;DR of outcome mapping is to start with a pre-made FigJam template in front of you. From there, throw out any and every possibility, no matter how slim the odds. You don’t have to add every thought to your outcome chart, but each idea will bring you closer to the outcomes you most need to prepare for.

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