Iron out any chemistry difficulties with a periodic table template

Learn to differentiate your carbon from your cobalt using this interactive periodic table—one of the many educational tools from the FigJam fam.

periodic table diagram exampleperiodic table diagram example

Periodic table template

Make like a valence electron and come together with others in this periodic table of elements template.

Discover the Au standard for virtual periodic tables

Spend time navigating the periodic table to learn the groups, memorize symbols, element properties, or even learn what an atomic number is, and understand why Mendeleev arranged the elements how he did.

Pick up on positioning: Use interactive visuals to understand the way individual elements are cleverly categorized by chemical property.

Study systematically: Lean on the structure of the periodic table of elements to guide your studies (or your students).

Calculate compounds: Predict the kind of compound two elements will form by learning each element’s position on the table in relation to their similar properties.

helium on a periodic tablehelium on a periodic table
elements on a periodic tableelements on a periodic table

Bond with your besties

Study the periodic table together in a virtual space and see real-world results to help solve chemistry problems, understand different groups, or understand individual elements. When you switch over to a FigJam whiteboard, everyone can connect via Lil’ Notes and Anonymous Thoughts and put their unique spin on things with Emoji, stamps, colored markers, and more. Collaboration? It’s all about chemistry.

Find study solutions from Al to Zn

Conquer chemistry like a scientist with an interactive, easy-to-read periodic table. Next, set your sights on every other subject with more tools and guides from our community.


The easiest way to make a virtual periodic table is to start with a template from FigJam. Periodic tables comprise 118 specifically-arranged boxes—each filled with precise numbers and symbols—so it’s best to start with a fully-vetted finished product. From there, you can customize it as you like.

If you’re struggling to make your chemistry lesson stick, you can try turning study time into game time. How so? Make the periodic table interactive. Here are a few fun activities and competitions to try:

- An element scavenger hunt

- A game to make words from element symbols

- A challenge to add a drawing of a common usage under each element

- A round of “periodic table battleship”

Remember: When teaching the elements, it’s best to bring everyone to the table

From top left to bottom right, the elements on every periodic table element template are:

H - Hydrogen

He - Helium

Li - Lithium

Be - Beryllium

B - Boron

C - Carbon

N - Nitrogen

O - Oxygen

F - Fluorine

Ne - Neon

Na - Sodium

Mg - Magnesium

Al - Aluminum

Si - Silicon

P - Phosphorus

S - Sulfur

Cl - Chlorine

Ar - Argon

K - Potassium

Ca - Calcium

Sc - Scandium

Ti - Titanium

V - Vanadium

Cr - Chromium

Mn - Manganese

Fe - Iron

Co - Cobalt

Ni - Nickel

Cu - Copper

Zn - Zinc

Ga - Gallium

Ge - Germanium

As - Arsenic

Se - Selenium

Br - Bromine

Kr - Krypton

Rb - Rubidium

Sr - Strontium

Y - Yttrium

Zr - Zirconium

Nb - Niobium

Mo - Molybdenum

Tc - Technetium

Ru - Ruthenium

Rh - Rhodium

Pd - Palladium

Ag - Silver

Cd - Cadmium

In - Indium

Sn - Tin

Sb - Antimony

Te - Tellurium

I - Iodine

Xe - Xenon

Cs - Cesium

Ba - Barium

La - Lanthanum

Ce - Cerium

Pr - Praseodymium

Nd - Neodymium

Pm - Promethium

Sm - Samarium

Eu - Europium

Gd - Gadolinium

Tb - Terbium

Dy - Dysprosium

Ho - Holmium

Er - Erbium

Tm - Thulium

Yb - Ytterbium

Lu - Lutetium

Hf - Hafnium

Ta - Tantalum

W - Tungsten

Re - Rhenium

Os - Osmium

Ir - Iridium

Pt - Platinum

Au - Gold

Hg - Mercury

Tl - Thallium

Pb - Lead

Bi - Bismuth

Po - Polonium

At - Astatine

Rn - Radon

Fr - Francium

Ra - Radium

Ac - Actinium

Th - Thorium

Pa - Protactinium

U - Uranium

Np - Neptunium

Pu - Plutonium

Am - Americium

Cm - Curium

Bk - Berkelium

Cf - Californium

Es - Einsteinium

Fm - Fermium

Md - Mendelevium

No - Nobelium

Lr - Lawrencium

Rf - Rutherfordium

Db - Dubnium

Sg - Seaborgium

Bh - Bohrium

Hs - Hassium

Mt - Meitnerium

Ds - Darmstadtium

Rg - RoentgeniumCn - Copernicium

Nh - Nihonium

Fl - Flerovium

Mc - Moscovium

Lv - Livermorium

Ts - Tennessine

Og - Oganesson

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