Get the message out with a phone tree template

Keep everyone up to date on important contact information using this hierarchical model for workplace communication.

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Phone tree template

Design a plan for clear communication with this top-down visual aid as your guide.

Your own version of Yellow Pages

Say goodbye to flipping through the phone book. Easily reach contact details and convey important news with this free phone tree template.

Dial up: Contact company members at every tier, so everyone gets the message.

Organize contacts: Keep track of everyone’s role and contact info with a hierarchical visual model.

Streamline notifications: Spread emergency alerts efficiently with this guiding tool.

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A phone tree list is an organized contact sheet used to notify company members of emergencies and important announcements. Phone tree examples visually depict the descending hierarchy of team members—including their name, phone number, department, position, and more—with connective lines to show the flow of information.

Whether your organization automates their phone call notifications in descending order or each person is responsible for notifying those who branch out from them, you can more easily spread—and control the spread of—sensitive or critical information.

Start by downloading FigJam’s phone tree template free of charge, which helps you design a custom phone tree that includes your entire organization. To start, you’ll likely need to reach out to HR for org-wide contact info, which you can then plug into the corresponding nodules.

As you arrange your phone tree example in descending order, you’ll connect the lines based on who would be responsible for calling which individuals, establishing a trickle-down style of information dissemination.

Phone tree messages are important organization-wide messages spread to every team member using an emergency phone tree template. Messages from large companies using automated phone tree systems might follow a universal script format—similar to robotic prompts on a call menu—while person-to-person versions would contain the same information but delivered according to each individual’s communication style and relationship with their direct report.

Phone tree messages are often used to convey information regarding:

- Power outages, floods, fires, and other emergencies

- Weather advisories about public transit

- School closings, early dismissals, or late starts

- Security or data breaches

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