Perfect your workflow with our process map template

With process mapping tools, Gantt charts, and swimlanes diagrams, FigJam templates help you establish an effective workflow and business process company-wide—so you can ship new products and features with ease.

two rows of arrows pointing in opposite directionstwo rows of arrows pointing in opposite directions

Process map template 

Clear up complex tasks and detailed asks within your business process with our customizable process mapping examples. 

Make complex processes clear

Whether you’re defining existing processes or incorporating a new complex process, enjoy a smooth ride from pre-launch to beyond with our simple process map examples.

Reflect and refine: Stick with what’s working and throw out the rest. Evaluate your existing standard operating procedure workflows to streamline collaborative projects.

Facilitate communication: With everyone on board, reduce overlapping responsibilities and clear up communication channels.

Put it in writing: Make your processes easy to repeat. Sketch out key workflows and revisit them on our shared canvas.

process map on a timelineprocess map on a timeline
process map with FigJams collaboration toolsprocess map with FigJams collaboration tools

All process. All progress.

Streamline your company’s processes with free widgets and tools, including live updating, audio recording, and collaborative cursor chat functions to create a detailed process map.

Stay rooted with core processes. Then branch out.

Nurture your team’s growth by developing strong product development workflows. Then, continue expanding with more templates from our Community.


A process map shows the steps that make up a project or process from start to finish. Typically used to illustrate the flow of work, process maps visualize the different components of your work, using colors, text boxes, and arrows to indicate the flow of progress.

Process map templates are suitable for tasks big and small, from sketching out the launch of a new product to documenting a method for identifying bugs.

When developing a process map, begin by identifying the end goal of the process. Once you understand the scope of your task, sketch out the process flow and keep refining until you reach a final draft of the work process.

But what does a process map look like? While the answer depends on your team and your projects, process maps should always be clean, clear, and easy to understand across multiple roles and departments.

FigJam’s editable process mapping template is the perfect almost-blank slate to start on—easily customize our downloadable example with collaborative widgets and community-built features.

Without a simple visualization of company processes, your team may not remember easily repeatable workflows, losing valuable time and energy as they search for the right methods.

A process map can help you nail down standard fixes for complex problems for continued process improvement and make clear communication, effective collaboration, and fast shipping second nature for your entire team.

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