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Professional development plan template

Invite team members to provide actionable feedback after training using our sample professional development plan.

Professional development is for everyone

Create more meaningful professional development opportunities when you collect—then implement—their honest feedback.

Encourage cohesive growth: Continually progress in your career growth with your teammates by your side.

Build strong relationships: Engage personally with team members when you understand their strengths, weaknesses, and needs—and then commit to their personal growth.

Help your team shine: Give your people what they need most to thrive in their current positions and reach their professional goals.

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Pull up more chairs to the table

Invite every potential collaborator to provide feedback after a training session. Share personal victories with Lil’ Notes and Anonymous Thoughts, decide on the best training techniques with a Poll, and mark your favorite modules using the Emoji widget. Our editable templates make it easy to join in on the fun—and fundamentals for progress.

Pick a template, any template

Advance toward any goal with our professional development plan sample. Turn individual growth into organizational success with more useful planning templates.


Start by listing out your goals in a professional development template. Professional development plan examples typically have concrete, easily quantifiable goals where you are able to measure your progress and eventual success. Your goals should also come with a specific timeline.

Examples of objectives may include:

- Finish a coding course in the next three months

- Get involved in two new projects outside of your department by the end of the year

- Give a presentation at the local professional organization in the next month

Professional development can include a variety of subject areas and training types; however, these are the five main areas that are often included in employee development plan examples:

1. Management and leadership – Leadership skills aren’t reserved for upper-level and C-suite positions; everyone can benefit from the flexibility, strategic thinking, active listening, and delegation required of leaders.

2. Technical skills – Empower your employees with new capabilities, from basic coding and graphic design to vehicle maintenance.

3. Teamwork – Forge stronger teams that can more effectively collaborate by hosting workshops focused on team bonding and group problem-solving.

4. Communication – Teach the art of talking—and, more importantly, listening—for more seamless internal interactions, better client-facing relationships, and a more collaborative workforce.

5. Organization – Streamline workflows and workstations by imparting logical organizational thinking to your teams.

If you’re wondering how to continue your career growth, try out these professional development examples:

Education – Pursue formal schooling, learn a new skill through an online course, attend company training, or begin a personal research project.

Community – Join a professional organization, gather your collaborators for a side project, or sit down for a coffee chat with professionals further along in your field.

Career – Take on new responsibilities at work, learn about different departments, or ask to participate in an upcoming project.

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