Crack the code with a programming flowchart example

With code flowcharts that help you program—and help you make your programming logic clear—FigJam empowers you to take the whole team on a journey through your process.

flow chart diagram with different colored shapesflow chart diagram with different colored shapes

Code flowchart template

Bring the tech-savvy and the tech-averse together in an intuitive online space.

Program like a pro

Identify variables, share your ideas with others, and fix what doesn’t work.

Evade errors: Squash bugs and identify roadblocks by visualizing the flow of code through the system.

Prep for the future: Plan for upcoming releases with easy-to-read flow paths that make locating improvable aspects a breeze.

Translate the technical: Lean on crystal-clear diagrams to explain your programming process to all—including non-technical users and teammates.

section of flowchart with mouse cursor section of flowchart with mouse cursor
programming flowchart with FigJam's collaboration toolsprogramming flowchart with FigJam's collaboration tools

Write CSS with your BFFs

Find your coding flow together with shapes that snap to the grid, effortless collaboration through comments, and the ability to write code right into the diagram. When you start with a code flowchart example on a shared FigJam whiteboard, nobody needs to “get with the program”—they’re already on board.


Also called a code flowchart, a programming flowchart template is a diagram that helps you visualize the flow of code in a project.

These graphic organizers rely on a handful of shapes and connectors to represent different aspects of the coding process. Boxes and ovals stand in for stop and start points, inputs, decisions, and more. The connecting lines mean “true” or “false” and denote the flow of your code.

The goal of a program flowchart is to eliminate the need for programming languages. Instead, you can showcase your logic using understandable flowchart symbols, terms and graphics.

Code flowcharts can come in handy at every part of the programming process. In the early stages, a flowchart helps you quickly communicate your ideas to other engineers and non-technical folks. Even before you write a line of code, you can use a programming flowchart maker to lay out all of your intentions in a single document.

Once you’re neck-deep in PHP, you can still take advantage of the clarity a code flowchart brings. When errors start popping up, outlining your progress in visual form can give you the insight you need.

First, you need to pick a set of connectors and containers that represent the different aspects of programming. It’s best to choose a few different shapes and colors and use them consistently throughout the process. In our hypothetical flowchart code example, an oval shape could represent the start and stop points, while a rectangle could indicate a decision.

Once you have your standardized shapes settled, all you have to do is label each one and map out your flow with the true/false connectors.

If you’re a developer, you probably don’t want to fiddle with rhomboids and parallelograms—you want to start writing Java. With a flowchart maker for programming from FigJam, you can jump into a customizable code flowchart template and bring your ideas to life ASAP. The shapes and connectors are ready and waiting for you—all you need is an idea.

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