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See your whole project on a single screen with a project charter template

From project charters that elaborate on fundamental details to OKR and workflow templates, FigJam has plenty of options to help you brainstorm, manage, delegate, and realize new and similar projects.

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Project charter template

Rally the team to discuss all the ins and outs of your newest venture with this collaborative template.

Grant your project a charter

With so many moving parts—from team members and stakeholders to budget and goals—a comprehensive yet simple project charter template turns ideas and abstractions into an official document.

See things clearly: Define the purpose and goals of your project plan so all subsequent decisions are made by informed individuals.

Delegate and conquer: Delineate roles and responsibilities for each project team member and stakeholder.

Don’t step on any toes: Ensure that the goals of the project agree with those of the organization.

project charter template with FigJam's collaboration toolsproject charter template with FigJam's collaboration tools
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Take charge of your charter

Bring your team into stage one of the project life cycle and draft a charter that keeps everyone in the loop. Craft a good project charter by whipping up a project timeline, making yourself heard with audio, and leaving cursor chats or emotes to express your opinions with FigJam’s built-in widgets.

Know your rights—and make sure you get it right

Developing a charter is one of the first crucial steps in the project life cycle on the road to project success. Try FigJam’s other templates to bring your idea to maturity.


A project charter is a formal document written during the initial stage of a project life cycle that provides an overview of the most important aspects. These aspects entail critical success factors and project requirements that will be worked on throughout the project timeline by designated project team members. It’s often an essential piece of the project planning puzzle and can be customized to your company’s individual needs with FigJam’s sample project charter template.

Project managers and leaders work together to create a project charter document with the intent of clearly explaining its key elements, including but not limited to the project’s objectives, scope, key stakeholders and their roles, budgetary restraints, key milestones, risks, and the project’s intended benefits or outcomes. Not only does it lay out the important information for those already involved to move forward, but it’s also used to convince potential stakeholders who are still on the fence.

Download FigJam’s project management charter template for free and start inputting the nitty-gritty details. From your objective and milestones to potential problem areas and project deliverables, it’s easy to customize a pre-built template.

Start by filling in the pre-established information, like Project Name and Owner, then hash out big-picture details like Project Purpose and Scope. As you dive deeper into the charter, work out more minute details like Project Constraints, Potential Risks, and Potential Users with help from your team.

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