Start strong and finish stronger with our project plan template

Outline your project planning process with a free project plan template, then bring your proposal to life with flow charts, DevOps roadmaps, and other tools from FigJam.

rectangles in four columns representing stages in a project plan with the red or yellow status indicator on the far right columnrectangles in four columns representing stages in a project plan with the red or yellow status indicator on the far right column

Project plan template

Start with our simple project plan sample, then turn it into a detailed outline that works for you and your project team.

Simplicity reigns supreme

Keep it short and sweet with a simple project plan template. Start with a clear project goal, record your progress, and cut back on wasted time and money.

Guarantee glory: Improve your chances of success with a thorough yet high-level project rundown.

Track your trajectory: See how far you’ve come and how much further you can go.

Conserve cash: Save money by properly allocating resources from the start.

example project charts on an orange backgroundexample project charts on an orange background
four rectangles with the words Status, Complete, and In-progress twicefour rectangles with the words Status, Complete, and In-progress twice

Partner up for perfect planning

When you use a simple project planning template from FigJam, you can rest easy knowing the whole team is on the same page. Plan together in an infinite virtual canvas, communicate your way with Lil Notes and audio features, and use stamps and emotes to express yourself and cheer on your project progress.

Improve on your next initiative

Power up your planning with an example of a project plan from FigJam. Next, go from “just a suggestion” to success story with more support from our Community.


A project plan is a visual aid designed to help you see every part of an upcoming project in one place. Because most simple project plan examples act as guidelines, they don’t go too far into the nitty-gritty of the tasks ahead. Instead, project plans include all of the essentials—such as costs, communication methods, and stakeholders—alongside an overview of the entire undertaking.

To see an example of a simple project plan in action, download the template from FigJam and start arranging your ambitions on an infinite, digital paper.

Depending on your industry and the scope of your project, one template of a project plan may suit you better than another. However, as a general rule, a simple project plan should incorporate the following seven parts in some way:

- Overall project goal

- Timeline

- Budget

- Communication channels

- Potential risks and constraints

- Individual task planning

- Quality control

To start the project planning process, begin with a simple project plan example. Then, once you have your canvas ready, it’s time to think about the big picture: What’s the overarching goal of your project? Are there any other sub-goals to achieve?

From there, you can work your way backward and fill in the blanks. How long will your entire project take? Who needs to be involved? What kind of resources—financial or otherwise—will you need?

With your project outlined for the world to see, it’s time to start taking steps to reach your objective. Share your plan with your colleagues and collaborate on every task and timeline.

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