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Generate winning ideas with round robin brainstorming

Take turns bouncing off each other’s ideas and innovating solutions with this circular meeting tool to guide your next team brainstorming session.

workflow diagram with a line connecting it to another workflow diagramworkflow diagram with a line connecting it to another workflow diagram

Round robin brainstorming

Help everyone feel heard and build off each team member’s unique perspectives with this collaborative model for group idea generation.

Hatch fresh ideas together

Build a solid nest when each contributor adds their own twigs from their own unique perspectives, then mitigate the risks and incubate your best solutions.

Get the worm: Generate innovative ideas without undue influence from other teammates.

Chirp loudly: Ensure the whole nest has a chance to share their creative ideas.

Spread your wings: Enjoy both written and verbal variations of this technique, and the different solutions that arise.

two workflow diagrams with sticky notes under both sections titled "Round 1" and "Round 2"two workflow diagrams with sticky notes under both sections titled "Round 1" and "Round 2"
large rectangle diagram with sticky notes and FigJam's collaboration toolslarge rectangle diagram with sticky notes and FigJam's collaboration tools

Migrate together with your flock

With a collaborative workspace and infinite whiteboard, it’s easy to problem-solve and strategize as the whole flock shares their unique voices. Use FigJam’s built-in widgets to split into Teams, roll the Dice, add a useful Graphic or two, and much more.


The round robin method is a meeting technique where the entire team builds on each proposed idea, one addition at a time. Whether you’re circled up in a conference room or virtually chiming in from home offices, the round robin format makes it easy for everybody to contribute without the pressure of pitching a complete concept. Using the classic “How Might We” brainstorm prompt, the whole team has a chance to offer their unique perspectives and solutions to build a better end product.

Make your next meeting round robin-friendly by using FigJam’s free, customizable template as your guide.

Open your free round robin template and gather the team. With everyone in attendance, all you have to do is follow these simple steps to your next innovative solution:

1. Identify the challenge your team wants to address

2. Take a moment to personally dream up a solution

3. Use each idea as a starting point that every other collaborator will add to

4. Brainstorm reasons why each shared solution might fail

5. Come up with ways to mitigate these potential failures

Use the round robin approach to crowdsource unique solutions from every voice. From preemptive fixes for future problems to important choices about your project’s progression, this brainstorming tool is a collaborative essential.

You can set up your round robin brainstorming technique verbally or on paper. If the whole team is available at once, consider inviting everyone to take turns pitching their unique ideas. If you’re juggling incongruent schedules across coasts, send FigJam’s template around and edit the live document as time permits.

Every round robin example needs a multitude of voices. Whether you’re sticking with your project team or inviting contributors from external departments, round robins make it simple for everybody to contribute.

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