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Navigate every stage of your customer’s journey with a sales funnel template

Whether you’re tracking an exciting new lead or a loyal repeat customer, FigJam’s online sales funnel template can help you keep up with your prospects at every step of their buying journeys.

multicolored funnelmulticolored funnel

Sales funnel template

Explore every stage of your sales pipeline with an online sales funnel chart that adds insight and builds empathy.

Embrace funnel vision

Get to know your prospects’ journey and share their experience across teams to anticipate growth, understand user behavior, and patch up every hole in your sales pipeline.

Join the journey: Pinpoint every prospect’s location in your sales funnel with an easy-to-understand visual aid.

Forecast future sales: Get a sense of who’s just getting to know your brand and just a click away from conversion.

Shape up the funnel: See where you can streamline your customer’s journey to create a smoother slide down the funnel.

funnel representing sales stagesfunnel representing sales stages
funnel with sticky notes in each stagefunnel with sticky notes in each stage

Putting the fun back in sales funnels

Streamline your sales funnel with input from the sales team and beyond. On FigJam’s open platform, you can connect with cursor chats, emphasize with emotes, and incorporate real-time data to share insights and identify collaboration opportunities between departments.

Collaboration that converts

Visualize each step of the purchasing pathway with the sales funnel stages template. Then, journey over to the Community for templates to improve your sales strategies.


A sales funnel refers to the journey that a prospective customer or user goes through, from the first touch to (hopefully) the final sale and every moment in between. Sales funnels provide insight into what prospects are experiencing at any stage, impacting messaging, product development, and marketing tactics.

So, what is a sales funnel, and how does it work? A sales funnel is generally understood as a multi-stage journey that spans from awareness to action. When a prospective user or customer becomes aware of a good or service that you offer, they enter the top of your sales funnel. From there, it’s your job to keep them on the right trajectory—nurture their interest and keep their attention with offers and options.

Finally, it’s time to close. Turn your lead into a loyal customer by highlighting what sets you apart from your competitors and driving home your value.

To build an effective sales funnel that improves lead conversion and forecasts sales and opportunities, you’ll want to sketch it out—and share it far and wide among your teams.

With FigJam’s sales funnel sample template, you can collaborate across departments to ensure that you’ve accounted for every step of your customers’ purchasing pathway. Empathize with leads, interrogate touchpoints, and tailor your outreach to fit your target audience. On the shared template, everyone’s on the journey together.

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