Simplify your sales territory mapping with an intuitive template

Whether you’re splitting up a neighborhood or a nation, FigJam templates make sales territory map creation a walk in the park.

red map pin over a white squarered map pin over a white square

Sales territory mapping template

Use our free territory map maker to ensure your whole sales team is on the same page—the page of an atlas, that is.

Control what comes with the territory

Fill out a free territory map to dispatch diligently, avoid accidental encroachments, and ensure no customer segment is left uncovered.

Assure accountability: Craft a clear-as-day sales territory planning graphic that holds your sales reps to higher standards.

Organize your org: Group team members, sales, and activities by existing territories and region with a territory map creator.

Manage mentorship opportunities: Look atterritory boundaries and geographical data to understand what kind of support each rep requires.

two red map pins over a map of the United Statestwo red map pins over a map of the United States
sales territory map with four color coded sticky notes over each sectionsales territory map with four color coded sticky notes over each section

Assign areas to your A-team

Give every crew member a virtual compass when you use a free sales territory mapping tool from FigJam. Add unlimited users to an infinite canvas and discuss your gains from anywhere with Lil Notes, cursor chats, audio messages, and more.


Sales territory mapping is the process of visualizing “territories” that you can subsequently assign to an individual rep or a team. Every customer or business within a given territory becomes the responsibility of the assigned rep to create a sales strategy to amplify the company's sales opportunity.

When you create territory map diagrams, you’re essentially splitting a larger region into a more manageable segment. The goal of a sales territory mapping tool is to clarify a rep’s duties while ensuring that no customer is without coverage.

A sales territory is nothing more than a collection of neighborhoods, states, or countries relegated to a particular sales rep or sales team. To reduce travel time and ensure the sales team members don’t doesn’t have to learn twelve different sets of laws and customs, a sales rep’s territories tend to be geographically close.

However, sales territories aren’t always defined by geography. In some cases, it might make sense to separate territories by account type, sales potential, or another metric. Ultimately, the goal is to gather customers into groups that the assigned salesperson can handle swimmingly.

To create a sales territory plan and divide an area into bite-sized pieces for your reps to cover, you’ll want to start with a map. When you create sales territory map diagrams in FigJam, you waste no time fiddling with paper atlases or clunky online charts.

Once you’ve readied your diagram, it’s time to divvy up duties to create balanced territories and improve sales productivity. For example, if you were splitting the U.S. into more manageable chunks, you might color-coordinate your map to include the following regions:

- Pacific (including Alaska and Hawai’i)

- Rocky Mountains

- Midwest

- Northeast

- South

- Southwest

With your regions in place, all that’s left to do is assign the right rep or team to each area and keep your map updated with local happenings and regional trends.

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