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Savor wordsmithing with our sandwich writing template

Refine your writing chops and serve your message with clarity when you use this interactive layering template to whip up the perfect triple-decker piece of content.

four stacked rectangles on a yellow backgroundfour stacked rectangles on a yellow background

Sandwich writing template

Make essay writing as carefree as a picnic lunch, and easily shareable with everyone who attends.

sandwich writing template cover photosandwich writing template cover photo

Effective writing, as simple as PB&J

Don’t feel obligated to skip lunch—our essay writing sandwich diagram speeds up the process while maintaining integrity.

Deconstruct your plate: Visualize each layer for a purposeful, curated stack, from intro to conclusion.

Source fresh ingredients: Keep arguments airtight when you find credible evidenceto back up each idea.

Share with a friend: Invite a peer or mentor to fashion their own artisanal “sandwich,” then swap paragraphs for feedback.

multiple shapes stacked on each other like a sandwichmultiple shapes stacked on each other like a sandwich
simple sandwich graphic on a yellow background with a smiley face on the bunsimple sandwich graphic on a yellow background with a smiley face on the bun

What better condiment than FigJam?

Whether you’re writing for work, school, or a personal project, you’ll want to share your literary delicacies. Whip up something special as you taste-test ideas and concoct compelling paragraphs. FigJam’s pantry of resources is here to keep things sweet.

Make it a combo meal

Everybody knows the best sandwiches come with chips and a drink. Round out your writing projectwith more of FigJam’s customizable templates.


First, download FigJam’s free template and begin plugging ideas into your sandwich chart writing prompt.

With your overarching topic in mind, start by zooming into one specific paragraph and determining the content of this specific section. If you’re writing an essay about controversial sandwiches that deserve induction into the modern zeitgeist, for example, you’ll want to choose the focus and goal for one particular paragraph—perhaps a strong case for the official sandwich-ification of two pancakes with scrambled eggs in the middle?

The sandwich paragraph writing template is a layered approach to essay writing, mimicking the shape of a classic sandwich. The sandwich technique, or sandwich rule, states that your paragraph has the same structural needs as a sandwich—bread to hold your sandwich contents together, a slice of cheese or condiment between two patties, and so on.

As such, your introduction is the top piece of bread, your conclusion is the bottom, and your main idea or arguments are delicious toppings. Any topics or insights that you include should be framed within the context of your essay, and the content needs to be substantially reliable. By following this layout, you’re guaranteed to produce top-quality writing and delicious handhelds.

Start with the bread—your topic sentence—then add three tasty toppings that complement each other: facts, quotes, or statistics that work together to help prove your point. In between these hefty chunks, you can add cheese and lettuce in the form of introduction and transition sentences. You’ll finish out the sandwich with a final slice of bread, this time acting as a conclusion.

With a ready-made sandwich writing template, you can easily turn your outline into a well-substantiated and compelling paragraph. And if you do this for every paragraph, you’ll have a full picnic basket of an essay.

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