Visualize your brand narrative with our free storyboard template

From team-centered storyboards and ice breakers to product-centered concept and empathy maps, FigJam templates help you involve the entire team in your story production.

three boxes in a row with a pencil in the middlethree boxes in a row with a pencil in the middle

Storyboard template

Invite your team to write the next chapter together with our free template.

Customizable two-dimensional template, vivid three-dimensional storytelling

FigJam’s editable storyboard template makes it easy to write a story that changes over time for team and customer relationships that are built to last.

A picture’s worth a thousand words: Identify key storylines and create a richer narrative experience supported by powerful graphics and images.

Streamline your workflow: Approach problems from new angles by clarifying inefficiencies in existing processes and encouraging a strong collective understanding of priorities.

Think outside the box: Combine creativity and strategic thinking when your team takes a visual approach, perfect for setting up ‘what if’ scenarios and identifying new pathways.

doodles on a storyboard templatedoodles on a storyboard template
storyboard example with FigJams collaboration toolsstoryboard example with FigJams collaboration tools

Gather your team around the campfire

With FigJam’s collaborative storyboard template, featuring stamps, emotes, and cursor chats, your story will practically write itself. Sketch out your vision in our clean, easy-to-use workspace, bringing your team onto the same page for shared understanding, streamlined workflow, and faster shipping.

Spin more than a tale with our free templates

Tell a powerful story, whether for your brand launch or latest novel. Delve deeper into your vision with more templates from our Community.


Storyboards are about visually mapping a narrative, whether for a customer journey or the hero’s journey. The first step is to sketch out broad storyboard ideas, inviting the whole team for insights from all angles, then you can fill in smaller details that connect the main story points.

Turn to our blank storyboard template and map out the key elements, incorporating FigJam’s easy-to-use graphics for an additional creativity boost. Your ideas will be bouncing off the page in no time.

A storyboard is a visual representation of significant points in a storyline, incorporating illustrations and images to support your main idea. It is a powerful tool for structuring a story or adding a narrative element to technical linear sequences, including workflows, operational processes, and user pathways.

From refining your company’s origin story to creating fresh marketing material, storyboards can help you distill broad ideas into compelling narratives, internally and externally.

Storyboard template examples deepen and clarify your ideas, leading to powerful communication.

If you’re wondering how to use a storyboard template effectively, focus on zooming from the macro into the micro. The beauty of a storyboard is in its ability to delve deep into a question or plot, uncovering new opportunities. The more detail you can include in your visual representation, the more likely you’ll arrive at unexpected conclusions.

Storyboard templates act as a helpful project planning resource. Use an editable, free template to map out timelines, present a project, or communicate your product vision to other team members. Specific use case examples for using a storyboard template include:

  • Mapping out a business plan to present to an external stakeholder.
  • Visualizing an upcoming marketing campaign. Include important details and resources needed to launch.
  • Understanding how users interact with a product or service, especially by mapping out key scenes or touch points within the customer journey.

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