Shape up with a tangram puzzle game

Flex your teamwork muscles with tangram team building activities, plus more fun games and icebreakers from FigJam.

colorful tangram shapescolorful tangram shapes

Tangram puzzle game template

Gather all your colleagues or classmates together in a collaborative tangram challenge.

Tangrams are tantamount to success

Make tangram teambuilding a part of your toolkit and help individuals learn to work better together. With just seven pieces, there are endless uses for tangrams.

Cultivate communication: Show groups of any size the importance of communication and collaboration.

Practice to make perfect: Work on corresponding and problem-solving in a low-stakes environment before moving up to the big leagues.

Have fun first: Unwind from a stressful day or take a mid-meeting mind break with tangram puzzle worksheets.

bird tangramsbird tangrams
tangram shapes with FigJam's collaboration toolstangram shapes with FigJam's collaboration tools

Tangram with your fam

While you can tangram in total solitude, it’s more fun to play this problem-solving game with friends. With FigJam, you can solve puzzles with your partners anytime, anywhere. Drag and drop pre-made pieces on an infinite canvas, show your support with stamps and emotes, and save your progress for later whenever you need a break.

Games and good times galore

Make the most of meetings with tangram team building. And whether your next move is another game or a serious sit-down, you’ll find what you need from our community.


A tangram challenge is a dissection puzzle game that asks players to make a symbol or design using seven differently shaped geometric pieces. Groups or individuals will be shown the “goal” image they’re trying to recreate, and then they must move, flip, and rotate their pieces to form the picture in question—and quickly when playing against other teams.

Tangrams is a terrific game because there are multiple ways to play it. If you’re playing solo or just for fun, you can give yourself unlimited time. However, if you want to make it a true challenge, you can add a countdown timer, where it’s you or your team against the clock. When playing against multiple individuals or teams, whoever finishes first wins the game.

No matter how you play, every tangram game starts with one of the tangram challenge cards. The challenge card shows you what you’re trying to make with your tangram shapes.

When tackling a tangram, it helps to understand what you’re working with first. The seven tangram pieces are:

2 large right triangles

2 small right triangles

1 medium right triangle

1 small square

1 parallelogram

To start solving, try spreading all seven pieces out in your space. From there, you can try to combine smaller pieces into a larger section of the final image. For example, if your goal is to make a turtle, you may need to put several pieces together to complete the bulky body.

Overlaying your pieces on top of the final image can also make it easier to come up with the solution.

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