Find your purpose with a team canvas

Align your team’s goals, celebrate each other’s strengths, and support one another through struggles—FigJam’s team canvas template takes teamwork to the next level.

four rectangles on a violet background with a red heart in the centerfour rectangles on a violet background with a red heart in the center

Team canvas

Lend an ear to your teammates—whether they’re in the office next door or halfway around the world—on a collaborative open canvas.

Get to the heart of it

Join your teammates on a shared community canvas to work through dynamics, build culture, and define your shared goals. High-fives welcome.

Come together: Sketch out long-term visions and deeply held passions to discover common goals and team values.

See the structure: Rely on a clearly formatted template to guide your team through sensitive discussions.

Feel it out: Create bonds of trust and understanding between the individuals in your organization.

team canvas example with FigJam's collaboration toolsteam canvas example with FigJam's collaboration tools
red heart on a violet background with various emojis around itred heart on a violet background with various emojis around it

Draw your team closer

With so many moving parts, it can be tough to stay on the same page. But with FigJam’s integrated, Community-built widgets, everyone’s empowered to show up honestly and constructively. Just live react right on the template with comment boxes, sticky notes, and emotes.

Team meetings, made modern 

Do away with archaic ideas about communication. With FigJam canvases, you can align, innovate, and actually have funwhile you work it out with your team.


The team canvas model is a teamwork enhancement tool used to guide meetings and help establish a positive, productive culture within an organization.

These charts typically comprise multiple quadrants—to hold space for topics like “goals,” “common values,” “roles and skills,” and “rules and activities”—all surrounding a heart, which represents the purpose of the meeting. That said, a team canvas model can be customized to reflect your unique organization’s needs.

To use a team alignment canvas, begin gathering your team and filling in the quadrants—clarifying goals, principles, and ground rules.

Next, use your team canvas to facilitate a meeting. If you’re the team leader, you’ll guide attendees through each portion of the team canvas template, moderating discussion and maintaining a positive supportive tone.

The purpose of a team model canvas meeting is to reduce friction, discover common ground, and maintain a supportive, functional workplace culture.

Filling in a team canvas is extremely easy with FigJam’s team canvas example. Once the template is made available to attendees, the team leader can guide them through each labeled category. Meeting attendees can upload live feedback into the template from their own devices in the form of sticky notes, polls, and alignment scales.

By the end of your team canvas meeting, your team should have a deeper understanding of each other and your organization as a whole. Your final collaboration remain available as a valuable resource for as long as you need it.

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